Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sabyasachi- Lakme Fashion Week@Mumbai/ Fall Winter - March 08

Sabyasachi - Lakme Fashion Week/ Fall Winter - March 08 Collection

Noisy, crowded, contradictory:
Perhaps a little bit of everything like d.y.i. French homes.
Plastic farmlands and sugary brothels,
Life couldn’t be more beautiful without you!

Friday, March 28, 2008

“BOMBAY GLAM” Fall-Winter - Lakme Fashion Week@Mumbai '08

Pria Kataria Puri’s collection of luxury silhouettes for the Fall-Winter 2008 season is inspired by the dazzle and glitz of India’s business and glamour Capital - Mumbai city.

“The BOMBAY GLAM collection is designed especially for the numerous festivals which Indian’s celebrate towards the latter end of the year, like Diwali, Eid, Navratri, Christmas and New Year,” says Pria.

Further explaining her inspiration behind this luxurious collection, Pria says, “Mumbai is a city of endless dreams, where glamour in all forms touches each and every citizen, regardless of which strata of society they hail from. The charm of Mumbai city lies in its enthusiastic spirit that connects its people on all levels. In fact, despite the huge economic disparity prevailing in the city, its one common theme - “Glamour” - that unites them all. Whether it is Bollywood or sports or fashion, glamour is inescapable and superstars are born everyday.

We can refer this city as “The Cocktail City” – a cocktail of culture, religion, belief, faith, standards and lifestyle. A city that amuses everyone with its glamour, glitz, show bizz, paparazzi…….everyone loves them and wants to be a part of it.

I am inspired by everybody who plays a role in the creation of glamour – right from the people who design the fabric and create the prints to the tailors and embroiderers who execute the final product that ultimately adorn superstars on the red carpet.

We have just made an attempt to highlight the special efforts that are put in by the labour class that usually goes unseen and un-noticed in the making of any high-end product. This class of people plays a very important role in our lives right from what we wear to what we do, to what we eat to how we life. This is the phenomenal truth that without their skilled labour, we would have no access to anything luxurious.

With this collection, we salute (and respect) every individual, regardless of whether they live in palatial mansions or huts. We honour each one of them who lives life to the fullest and constantly strive to stretch their boundaries to achieve their goals, which might just be daily bread for some one or artistically expressing ones views to keep an art alive and growing day by day.

This collection is about raising a toast to the labour class for their precious presence that has made our lives easy and smooth.

The city and its culture has inspired millions of champagne and caviar dreams and that’s what I celebrate in this collection…!!!”

Autumn in the Old Town - WLIFW Fall/Winter 2008

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be
- Peter De Vries

Sucheta Merh’s inherent inclination to romance with design is reflected in her Fall/Winter 2008 Collection, which derives its inspiration from the rustic charm of autumnal tenor and palette. What emerges is the nostalgic mood of a young girl revisiting her ancestral home, reminiscing, endearing experiences.

The sunrise, amidst a playful herd of sheep and departure at sunset reflect the gamut of emotions which make for playful joy...

The colours of the Collection are naturally autumnal, where yellows, camel and brown are highlighted with creative inclusion of purple and orange. The fabrics used are naturally soft, silk organzas, cotton nets, chiffons, woven georgettes, fluid jersey and soft washed satins.

Straight silhouettes reflect the relaxed and laid-back mood of the theme, whereas the layered ensembles symbolise the complexities of the nostalgic mind Renewed classic shapes have been created with a focus on flowing capes, floating panels, jackets and relaxed silhouettes. Layered frills and lace effects has been used to emphasize the girl-woman conflict of the collection. The look is sophisticated with textured and printed motifs on natural fabrics.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

Swapan and Seema's WLIFW March 2008 Collection titled 'Snow Queen' brings back the powerful feminine. It is dedicated to the brand of beauty that harkens the mood of regal splendour. They achieve this with a judicious blend of luxurious fabrics and intricate detailing. The colour palette is warm with rich plum, rose and burgundy. The luxe factor is incorporated with delicate burnished gold and copper embroidery-as well as their hallmark crystals and beading. The fabrics range from silks, velvet, satin to tulle and georgette for milder Indian autumns.

This collection is eclectic responding to a cocktail mood and moving into the traditional Indian wedding. There are flirty dresses along with embellished sarees and lehengas as well as evening gowns. The jackets and capes are perfect accessories for evening wear. They are versatile and can switch easily from a Western to an Indian ensemble. There's also a return to a more relaxed element with 'layering'.

In a word, the Snow Queen Collection carries forward what Swapan and Seema do best, ie celebrate contemporary female power- with an edge.

Chivas In Fashion show@WLIFW /FALL (March'08)

Chivas In Fashion show

Raghuvendra Rathore
The penultimate day of WIFW reached a resounding climax with the Chivas In Fashion show presenting the timeless appeal of Raghavendra Rathore’s creations. Offering a surprising twist to the normal, Rathore showcased a deconstructed experimental look that was brought alive on the ramp by blazing guns from the world of cricket. The showstopper in an elegant Rathore ensemble along with Ace Sixer Yuvraj Singh, Robin Uthappa. After conquering Australia with their cricketing skills, they brought the same spirited energy and camaraderie to the ramp.

In other words, the show brought to the forefront a unique amalgamation of diverse cultures and a collection that is global yet unmistakably soaked in the grandeur of India – creating a look that spells India contemporary. Quite like the brand, Chivas, that blends world class quality with young energy, represented on the ramp by the young lads of cricket who have put the stamp of India on the world map.

Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

Kunal Kapoor, Tinu Vergheese , Nina Manuel walks the ramp for Fiama Di Wills show for Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna 'Cue'

'Wrapping Up' Da Goddess.

How to wrap a Goddess.
The third day of WIFW opened with all attributes of glamour when Amit GT presented his collection for fall 08/09.
The evening wear range comprised satins and crepes in dramatic colours with well-placed crystal embellishments to highlight the feminine figure.
Fur, which was used for high necks and shrugs, gave a lovely impression of skating on ice. The colour palette included bold red, bright fuchsia, smoky aubergine, soft nude, jet black, pure white and silver lame - just right for the lady to stand out in the limelight at a big social event.
The dresses were constructed to highlight the feminine contours through narrow waists, corsets and bustiers, flowing floor-length skirts and trains which additionally added drama to the styles.
Details such as pleats, centre front rushing or gathers were used to shape the gowns and additionally embellished with crystals for a sparkling effect.
What turned out to be the key piece was a black satin gown with pleated bustier, emphasized empire line and a black and white skirt extension which spectacularly trailed behind to occupy the ramp.
This collection convinced through its goddess-like silhouettes and its apparent reminiscence of the great gowns from the 1950s.