Monday, September 12, 2016

"And Quiet Flows the Thread" by Vaishali S@NYFW

SS'17 Collection - And Quiet Flows the Thread, at Sustainable Fashion and Art show with artist Jeff Hong at the NYFW with FTL MODA on September 8, 2016 showcasing Indian weaves with contemporary silhouettes on the international platform of NYC. 

Her collection is an attempt to find a fine balance through knots and threads, depicting the flow of life. The idea is to carry this flow through the garments. The knots culminate at a point, which holds the entire garment together.

An  opportunity that will open an avenue not only for me and other designers, but also for the entire community of Indian textile makers and handloom weavers to get their craft noticed and acknowledged in the international fashion industry,

The colour palette consists of off-white, beige, shades of blue, grey and black. Textures ranging from knots and cords to loose, freely-hanging threads are the essence of the collection. Fabrics ranging from silk, khadi and Jamdani have been used extensively. Expect individualistic silhouettes in the form of jackets, dresses of varying lengths and aesthetically constructed drapes
Jamdani weave is the oldest, beautiful, intricate handwoven art from the state of West Bengal. In-spite of having access to minimal resources, the weavers create this beautiful art form using inspiration from their natural surroundings. Vaishali Shandangule is proud to bring this wonderful woven art to this stage.

The label will be sharing the same platform where international designers like Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Micheal Costello, Anna Sui and Alexandra Wang take centre stage. Of course, 
VAISHALI S’s step forward towards building the bridge which will allow us to share India’s centuries old hand weaving tradition, fine crafts and rich culture with the world.This opportunity will open an avenue not only for me and other designers but also for the entire community of Indian textile makers and hand loom weavers to reach out to the world. I am very very excited for this show. My team and I have worked very hard on the collection. I am hoping that it will give a lot of strength to my efforts for creating a presence for Indian weaves and crafts at the international fashion platform.
Showstopper was Reshma Qureshi, acid attack survivor and symbol of hope for all other survivors.

On the strength of its constantly growing industry recognition, 
FTL MODA presents a two-day show at NYFW next week under the CFDA calendar, and a new strong alliance. The world giant Samsung endorsed the most acclaimed producers at NYFW joining Fashion Week Online, and Global Disability Inclusion.

Continuing its work on the #IAmNYFW campaign, the FTL MODA team created the spin-off #TakeBeautyBack, to take a stand in the fight to stop acid attacks against women in developing countries.
The language of fashion speaks loud to the world also this season, thanks to a panel of international designers of excellence, selected with care and enthusiasm. Ten countries feature in the three shows with ethnic collections at the highest level, splendid styling and precious accessories.