Sunday, September 30, 2012

How it Works

You do things.You try it, this way, that way. You stray, you flop and then you flip again, and something, some things come out of it.

You do them and please, please, you think, do not ask me what I'm doing, what my political take on this, for the moment now I just have a political in-take, the out is not political to my best knowledge. Fortunately, your knowledge is not best. You see, you do things.

And although most of them, you can honestly say, you know little about, the matter speaks for you. (Which, of course, does not mean you do not try to talk with it, for it, explain it, relate it and convey it, extrapolate it, and prove where it, the matter, stands).

Some of the works you work, frankly, are worthy of the highest criticism. They are, yes it has been said before, the flops. Or worse, they have the wrong ideas, wrong media, wrong impressions and plenty-wrong outcomes.

Yet within these plenty-wrong outcomes, things are born. And these things might just make connections, little roots holding on to little pieces of earth. Not that roots hold on to any particular piece, but this metaphor just decided to go its own way, and we at New Art listen to metaphors, so yes, there might be no palpable piece of anything that the roots hold to, yet the work (by now it is work) is starting to appear as if it were actually something, about something, into something, for something. It gains weight.

And then, at some ungiven points, not necessarily at the end or at any sort of finale, the Holy-Flip happens. It could be a form, it could be filled with air or helium, it could be pretty far away from you, but still yours, still stemming from this surprizing head. You might say "things came into place", but you have no clue what you are saying, you don't have the perspective, you just enjoy it, the fact that now it seems clear, there is a connection, things are being said which you knew you wanted to say or wanted someone to say, some other head maybe.

And you know what? When it works, it's so simple.

Monday, September 24, 2012

On the Fall Campaign Trail

Fall campaigns—that put a spring in our step, let us sleep in, fix us a daiquiri, and other summer-related metaphors...


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Louis Vuitton's Sweet Spot

Louis Vuitton will be seeing spots this summer, thanks to a collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The famously dotty 83-year-old is known for her lifelong obsession with polka dots (which paved the way for Pop Art) and for checking herself into a mental institution in the 1970s. (Kusama is also the subject of a career survey that has made its way from Paris to the Tate in London. The retrospective will stop at New York’s Whitney Museum from July 12 to September 30—sponsored by Louis Vuitton, of course.)
Launching July 10, the capsule features polka-dotted tops, dresses, skirts and accessories, plus a cheeky see-through spotted rain coat. Inspired by a trip Marc Jacobs made to the artist’s Tokyo studio in 2006, the collection calls to mind another collaboration between Vuitton and a Japanese mega-artist, Takashi Murakami. And judging from these leaked images, it's just what the summer calls for.

(c) Hint