Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hats Elsa Schiaparelli Would've Worn If She Dabbled in Bondage

Based in the south of Brazil, Face Couture is a quasi-millinery project by self-taught designer Felipe Caprestano, who "mixes art and fashion by appropriating tailoring techniques to create masks." Not just masks though. More like surreal headpieces Elsa Schiaparelli would have worn—if she dabbled in bondage.

For two years Caprestano has documented the making of each piece in an online journal. Viewers can follow the works in progress, but never the final result. Until now. Or rather, next week, when Caprestano will launch a new website featuring exquisite portraits of the masks, a few of which we've posted here...

The Cappuccino Collection>Pria Kataaria Puri

The Cappuccino Collection unveils Pria Kataaria Puri as their Brand Ambassador

The Cappuccino jewellery collection announces Fashion diva Pria Kataaria Puri as their brand ambassador. Known to be a fashionista globally and in India, internationally acclaimed designer Pria Kataaria Puri’s journey as a fashion designer has been one filled with awards, accolades and appreciation....not only for her creativity but as a philanthropist & humanitarian!
Besides her sincere dedication to bringing out the best fashion & promoting Indian fashion globally, Pria is a grounded entrepreneur along with being the ideal wife and a nurturing mother.

Cappuccino Collection has announced Pria Kataaria Puri as their Brand Ambassador for their jewellery brand as Pria best represents the multicultural and multifaceted women of today who believe in living life to the fullest within the realms of family values, culture, and traditions.

The Cappuccino Collection of Champagne Diamond Jewellery believes Pria has a persona synonymous to their brand’s concept. She is glamorous, elegant and innovative which fits well with the standards of Cappuccino. Pria Kataaria Puri speaks delightfully on this association, “I am elated about Cappuccino Collection's decision to bring me on as their Brand Ambassador. I personally love diamonds, I feel diamonds add that special sparkle & glamour that women need in order to complete their look! This gives me further inspiration to continue creating unique designs and explore new categories. I will try my level best to uphold the respect bestowed upon me.”Pria gratifies this success as a learning experience and promises to work harder on her already established high-standards in the area of multifaceted design business!


The Cappuccino Collection is a brand of Dinal diamonds (established in 1971), which is into import and export of rough and polished diamonds and also manufactures jewellery. The products are unique with impeccable designing and finishing. They manufacture both white diamonds and champagne diamonds. White diamonds normally 99.9% pure and champagne diamonds in all colors from C1 to C7, in all different sizes and clarity lend their charm to three jewellery collections, Espresso collection, Latte collection and The Irish Collection. Creativity and reliability have been their hallmark with a tradition of excellence.
The Espresso Collection is more of a fusion collection. We have exquisite and unique pieces which are well crafted with diamonds and precious stones with various finishing.

The Latte Collection is a very exotic and classic bridal collection. It is a different range of fine hand crafted jewellery exclusively made with a combination of natural colored Champagne Diamonds, blending the creativity with precious stones and pearls in various finishing. We also use white color diamonds. (D-H) on client request.

The Irish Collection features a cluster of cut diamonds to create the look of a solitaire and also can be found in various shapes or designs. A cluster of cut diamonds is more affordable than a solitaire. The jewellery collection interweaves to create elegant symbols of beauty. Bold yet feminine, we bring to life the diamond dream of eternally feminine jewellery.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


With polka dots, tentacles, and a few nutjobs, the gang was all there at the opening of Yayoi Kusama's major exhibit at the Whitney Museum last night. The evening also served to celebrate the 83-year-old artist's collaboration with Louis Vuitton, again laden with polka dots. With an appearance by the Kusama herself, complete with neon-red hair, the night's festivities came full circle.

Friday, July 13, 2012

HYPARHEDRA>Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia

Presentation capsules Collection
Juliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia
Presqu * ile Design Store
19 Via del Corallo,
RomeJuly 10,
18:30 h

At the Fashion Week of July, the young designer of jewelry Juliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia presents Hyparhedra Collection.The studies carried out on paper in the laboratory "Vorkurs" taught by Josef Albers at the Bauhaus it 1927, in the first half of the Bauhaus and the preliminary observation of the studies carried out on paper by artists such as Ronald Resch, in the 60s and 70s are the point of source and inspiration of the collection, a reflection on empirical studies of structural and construction issues through which it was tested the nature, quality and texture of materials.Just as students were asked to design complex structures without using nothing more than the starting material for the joints (a raw, simple, unusual, such as paper, cardboard and balsa wood), so the designers, borrowing the concept of joint and structures complex, creating unique pieces, sculpture, jewelry, precious and iconic works.The designs thus produced will be the starting point for the creation of jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces structure) with a strong connotation, Architectural concepts borrowed from studies of the same designer who was born as an architect before specializing in the production of jewelry from experimental forms strong conceptual appeal.Leather, Silver and Carbon are the distinctive features of the collection. The carbon, innovative and experimental in the jewelry, the use of which up to recently, was restricted to aviation, motorcycle, automobile or structural.The choice of the carbon is not random, in fact. While the material "mimics" the extreme lightness of paper, on the other stands for the extreme mechanical strength, hardness, good resistance to temperature variations, the effects of chemical agents, enjoying, in addition, drug-retardant properties.The boutique presqu * ile, isle of design, fashion and experimentation in the heart of Rome, will be the background for a presentation of its kind. Contamination, avant-garde sound and a giant paper installation will greet the public in a course of study and reflection on the forms.

Jewellery Designer Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia discovered her interest in jewellery while she was working and studying in the field of architecture and interior-design and increasingly dedicated himself to this passion. A passion, which is the result of a strong commitment and knowledge, that soon leads her to attend some gemology classes at the IGI institute of Antwerp, specializing in "Colored Stones Identification," "Colored Stones Grading and Evaluation" and "Pearls Grading and Evaluation."

This path eventually took her toward the creation of her jewelry line in 2007.
She currently lives and works in Rome, her native city where she opened the concept store, Presqu*ile, in March 2010, an eclectic multifunctional space, it displays singular creations, unique or limited edition pieces that exemplify the ideals of meticulous research balanced between tradition and innovation, a place where art, design, fashion and jewellery coexist in the spirit of exclusivity.

The designer’s inspirational and intuitive approach to her creative production is far away from any classification or stereotype. Her work becomes unique thanks to her continous exploring and experimenting with different materials.

Each particular piece is characterized by an unconventional and unique choice which is revealed with the use of fine materials such as galuchat, stingray leather, typical of the Louis XV era.

Her style is often changing, it can be ironical, profane and even provocative. Her themes always combine different elements inspired by architecture, marine biology books, macro and texture photos, sculptorial and even anatomical elements.

Her modern and original jewelry is designed with the unusual combination of materials like silver, black ruthenium and polychrome enamels. The willingness to experiment enhances her skills focusing on the minerals while using diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones as a “frame” thus changing their classical role. This surreal mood creates an imaginary dimension where the details make a difference.

The functional and aestetical pursuit of every piece is supported also by a “Made in Italy” craft and the meticulous attention to detail. This is why the designer personally follows every phase, from the choice of stone to the prototypical creation as well as the production’s final steps.

This style between perception and experimenting takes form in the production of unique and limited edition pieces, where she mixes exclusive materials and their different contrasting colors to achieve a special combination between trend and elegance.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Once upon a time, in the city of Berlin:

There are 50 good old acquaintances, who are celebrating a feast every season (Bread & Butter). The guests (exhibitors) come mainly from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and The Netherlands.

All the guests take their seats at a big table (Denim Base). Each one of them knows the ritual. Each one knows how the other one is ticking. One guest takes himself more important than he really is, the other one is more timid and calmer, the next one likes to kick his opponent against the leg under the table. Some have good table manners, others cannot even eat with knife and fork without cutting themselves. But all of them are used to the other's quirks, in the end the feast had always been well and good.

There were only 50 seats at the big table, and since nearly no one wanted to miss out on the feast, the circle was nearly always the same. The audience (visitors and press) nearly always saw the same faces, were always told the same tales. Boredom arose, at times dissatisfaction even. The audience began to defame the guests, some even questioned the whole feast itself. A number of guests did not like this, and began questioning their attendance since they were no longer celebrated. Thus some guests stayed away.

A few of the regular guests could not really afford the participation in the feast anymore, others celebrated their own feast and waited in vain for a great audience. Others just did not accept the invitation of the host (Karl-Heinz Müller), although the table was richly laid.

So the host suddenly had the opportunity to invite new guests to the table, since there were seats available. And so the usual ritual changed, and a whole new circle formed, since the new guests were not lost to lethargy, and had other tales to tell (Berlin-Tempel of Denim, Denim Religions Show, Sport & Street Festival).

The feast had become another one, it was unfamiliar and new. New and old guests mixed, a whole new circle formed. There were new topics discussed, new faces seen, and the audience was thrilled. It was exciting again. Former regular guests had become onlookers and regretted to not sit at the table as usual – since in the end, many of them would have loved to take part in the feast.

However, if all had followed the host's invitation, as usual, this new kind of feast had not have been possible, since the table would have been full. And now? Everyone is content with the successful feast, the old and the new guests, the audience and the host.

Now, the host has to carefully consider who he will invite for the next feast, since the number of seats at his table remains limited. One thing is certain: there will be changes again. The audience should be curious.

The host






Monday, July 02, 2012

CollectBernion>Bernhard Willhelm


Again abandoning the catwalk for his men's collection, Bernhard Willhelm created his own rainbow-colored apocalyptic world.
Like dozing zombies, his pale models were strewn about a dimly lit space reminiscent of a vault. Their garb, however, writhed with life. Separates were saturated with Kool-Aid colors and overlaid with ragtag fabrics and patterns, not unlike foreign fruit in a night market.

Knotted rope held together ensembles or wrapped around shoes, implying an unravelling, while jackets with feathered puff sleeves suggested angels among the heathens. But it’s unlikely any saints will be found in this rather dark presentation.

(c) Hint

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Prada Gives the Gift of GIF

The Italian house has partnered with the Armenian-born, Paris-based artist Vahram Muratyan (of the recent book Paris vs New York) to create a series of twitching and bewitching GIFs, a primordial form of Internet animation that's having a resurgence. All the accessories featured in the Paral
lel Universes GIFs are from Prada's 2012 collections, themselves a nod to retro car culture.
Prada Parallel UniversesPrada Parallel UniversesPrada Parallel UniversesPrada Parallel Universes