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Poonam Bhagat - Taika - WLIFW S/S 2007-08 'Sep

TAIKA by Poonam Bhagat
Take a sprig of twine , a spool of yarn and a leaf of natural fibre – throw it all in a bubbling clauldron of burnt earthen hues and stir with passion , add a glitter of burnished gold and a shimmer of antique silver , let the moonbeams dance along the wooden spatula while you stir and watch TAIKA emerge .

TAIKA , a Finnish word for “magic” , has , for over 16 years cast its own spell on women using pure natural fabrics by taking on myriad shapes to flatter and enhance the female form .
Tonal or stark but minimal embroideries , intricate surface texturing , quilting and appliqué with emphasis on styling and detailing is essential. A smattering of matt sequins is used for highlighting the garment when necessary. A nice vintage look is created for formals and a hip retro look for casuals.

Empire line dresses , sheath dresses , tunics with wide band collars , kaftan dresses and jackets in eggplant , burgundy and black handwoven tussar silks vie with each other for attention .
A range of jackets in contrasting vibrant silks , quilted and appliquéd , titillate and tease along side the more conservative and classic Churidar-kurtas and the quintessential Indian ensemble , the Sari.

Black and burgundy chanderi silks flirt with ivory peek- a – boo abstract motifs in dresses , tunics and skirts in the ‘Cherries on Coal’ collection.

Silks in rich emerald and turquoise hues balloon and gather in high waisted dresses and skirts with tonal polkas and swirls or jewel like dull pewter and bronze embroideries reinvent themselves in the “jewel Silk and Aquamarine silk” collections.

Ivory matka silks with black thread embroidery tell a “fishy” tale complemented with ochre and lavender. Black flirts with ivory and olive matka silks to tell its own fish and foul stories along with nature in the “Pearls on Coal” collection , boasting of knee length skirts, empire line and kaftan dresses and tunics .

Georgettes tie-dyed in earthy colors of rusts , burgundies , olives and browns , limes and forest greens with the quintessential black , printed and embroidered with tribal motifs inspired from the Mola tribes of Panama translate into sarees and dresses which sing an ode to femininity.
Bronze,copper and pewter tissue appliqués on chanderis form a lattice like pattern on elegant Churidar-Kurtas with crinkled silk stoles.

Ash linen trench coats , jackets , sheath dresses and pencil skirts are evocative of the “Retro” look with black geometric circular and striped motifs –embroidered and patched .
Soft georgette tunics in slate-pink , wedgewood blue , sage , ash and brown sparkle ,shine and shimmer iridescently with delicate borders of dull gold and pewter sequins scattered like “Stardust” .

And so TAIKA works its magic on discerning buyers as we sell from
various upmarket designer stores in Chennai , Kolkatta , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Mumbai and Delhi besides making forays into stores in West Palm Beach , Florida , Manhattan and Tokyo.

Aparna & Norden Wangdi’s “Back to Neverneverland “ Spring – Summer Collection 2008

Aparna & Norden Wangdi’s “Back to Neverneverland “
Spring – Summer Collection 2008

At The Chakraas, Samrat Hotel- 12 noon onwards, August 18, 2007
On August 18th 2007, Aparna & Norden Wangdi will showcase their latest collection “Back to Neverneverland” at The Chakraas, Samrat Hotel. Creating magic with their designs, Aparna & Norden Wangdi’s new collection Inspired by the omnipresent rag doll, the stuffed creature with the silly grin and wool for hair, the collection is a magical journey through childhood with its boogeymen and angels. With the ease of the infancy and the maturity of the adolescence, the collection is the utmost epitome of creativity.

Nostalgia is the keyword of the collection which will transport you to the best and the most memorable phase of your life. Drawing inspiration from the omnipresent rag doll, the stuffed creature with the silly grin and wool for hair, the collection is a magical journey through childhood with its cackles and cries. It is about that time in the life when your will was reason enough for you to do what you wished with no thought of what you should or should not do.
Colour defines the temperament of attire, hence the right colour is essential to bring out the feel of the outfit and in turn the entire collection. Keeping this dictum in mind, the designer duo has designed their range comprising of bright, dazzling upbeat colours of the likes of reds, pinks, oranges, sunny yellows, greens, splattered with blacks, whites and browns to infuse the collection with vibrancy.

With the playful silhouettes of short dresses, loose tops, trousers, skirts and overskirts, the collection runs amok in its vibrant colors. Layering, frills, buttons and laces are details which run through the collection in its clothes, bags and shoes. Patchworks of rag dolls with the vacant smiles on their faces, hand embroideries, smocking, hand quilting and gathering all intensify the free spirit of the age where the rag doll was your best friend.


Both Aparna and Norden share a common background in the renowned NIFT, New Delhi, where they honed their early skills. After graduation it wasn’t long before they realized their dream of setting up a design studio of their very own.

Freefalling came into being in 1999, marking the culmination of their joint sojourn across a multitude of fields. The duo undertook contrasting routes in their quest to gather expertise and knowledge. Norden chose to head overseas for a first hand experience in the USA, acquainting himself in the areas of manufacturing, exports, fabrics, dyeing, printing and merchandising. Aparna, on the other hand, set about refining her skills in design in theatre, product and interiors, which proved invaluable in defining the standards of their eventual label.

The powerhouse of talent that Aparna and Norden represent is not restricted to the confines of the fashion industry. They have also extended their design expertise to a number of resorts, restaurants and stores. A noteworthy foray has been in theatre for costume design in the Indo-French opera production, The Fakir of Benaras, with a cast of hundreds.

In summing up their numerous achievements, it can be said that Norden’s flair for coordination and administration perfectly complements Aparna’s artistry and vision. The stupendous success of Freefalling stands testimony to their combined ability to inspire awe and admiration.