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Artisanal- Bringing the Craft to the Fore' Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture - Apsara

The touch of the artisan is irrefutably the secret ingredient to a timeless couture! The best works in fashion can only culminate after the collective effort of unique design and traditional craftsmanship. With the Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition 2011, we will keep the tradition alive by showcasing the finest work-of-art and the impeccable workmanship behind it.

The exposition themed “Artisanal- Bringing the Craft to the Fore’ promises a new benchmark in showcasing India’s rich heritage styled in a contemporary manner. In what will be a fusion of Indian Couture and international construction, the collections will be an amalgamation of the finest weaves, embroideries, jewels, stones and unique techniques.

Keeping in mind the tradition of the event, the “Swarovski Apsara” will adorn the venue helping create a world of grandiose and vibrant beauty. Symbolic for the ephemeral enchantress, Swarovski Apsara - will be the muse for the bridal couture exposition.

Talking about the Apsara, Tarun Tahiliani said “The Apsara is the symbol of the exposition - giving a new modern shine through use of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to a traditional form - as is the thrust of Bridal Couture Exposition this year. A new way for our glorious artisanal traditions.”

He added, “Swarovski has teamed with TT since 1990 and once again collaborate in the use of their avant-garde material for use in textiles, accessories, shoes and all forms of ornamentation. We are delighted to be forging this collaboration ahead, once again".

“We are delighted that our long standing association with Tarun Tahiliani has been redefining luxurious weddings and raised Indian bridal fashion to the level of artistry via this collaboration with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Tarun is one of India’s most celebrated designers and we are very pleased to be able to support him at every important landmark in his career. The focal installation that will grace the Bridal Exposition is the Apsara that has always been an inspiration to Tarun; he has studded this dramatic creation with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create a magnificent sparkling look for this illustrious exhibition. The sparkle of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will shine brilliantly and personify how Indian couture revels in a new era marked by traditional yet modern sparkling sensuality.” said Sanjay Sharma, Director, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Swarovski India.

The exquisite Apsara will set the stage for the magnificence of stylish displays and the celebration of femininity. The embodiment of Indian grace and femininity, the Apsara will be draped in classical forms and laden with crystals. Encrusted in a dazzling mix of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, it will be the perfect Indian modern symbol of this year’s Bridal Couture Exposition 2011. The artistic 350 kilogram 6 foot sculpture will also complement the intricate stone and jaali designs of the couture collections and is bound to enthrall the audience.

The couture collection will enchant every woman to discover their inner Apsara!

LISA HAYDEN PICTURE CAPTION: A Swarovski Elements encrusted bustier worn with a tulle sari in delicate shades of grey, embellished with tiny floating flowers and a hand-embroidered threadwork border.

About Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition 2011

In its third season now, the Exposition promises a new benchmark in the showcase of India’s rich heritage styled in a contemporary manner. The theme chosen for this year is ‘Artisanal- Bringing the Craft to the Fore’- an entirely novel blend of Indian finery with a layered western construct.

The first 2 editions of the Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture exposition met with great success due to the distinctive nature of its concept, the grandeur of its spaces and diverse stories. This exposition promises to bring the processes of creating a garment to the fore and educate the customers on the techniques that create luxury and fine fit.

This first-of-its-kind bridal couture event is scheduled across the four cities starting in New Delhi at India’s premiere luxury destination- The DLF Emporio from July 9-13, 2011 and being followed by Mumbai at the finest hospitality icon – The Four Seasons Hotel from July 23-24, 2011; will then move to Hyderabad at the newly launched luxury hotel The Park Hyderabad from August 6-7, 2011 and will end its four city tour at Kolkata’s iconic hotel-The Park Kolkata from August 20-21, 2011.

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