Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tokyo Fashion>Forever 21 For Hello Kitty Collection – Launch

Blogs and magazines have been buzzing for months about the first ever exclusive fashion collaboration between Japan’s Sanrio and the international powerhouse Forever 21. The “Forever 21 For Hello Kitty Collection” finally landed with a splash last night in stores across Japan. To celebrate the arrival of the much-hyped collaboration, Forever 21 threw a big party at their Shibuya location. Not only did crowds show up to check out the new collection, shop, and have a good time, but Hello Kitty herself hosted the party!

The Forever 21 For Hello Kitty Collection is a limited edition line that includes dresses, blouses (some with bows, of course), sequined tops, t-shirts, outerwear (some in animal prints and faux leather), lingerie/sleepwear, jewelry, and accessories. The items in the Hello Kitty collection are in the same price range as regular Forever 21 fashion, ranging from under US$5 up to around US$30. The items are available in Japan starting on November 10th, and in the United States from November 18th. The collection can be purchased in stores as well as online at the Forever 21 web store.
We were lucky enough to score an invite to the Forever 21 For Hello Kitty Collection launch party at Forever 21 Shibuya. We brought back lots of pictures – and even video – to share with you. The event featured giveaways, photo sessions with Hello Kitty, special presents for anyone buying lots of Hello Kitty goodies, and nail artists creating custom Hello Kitty nail art for lucky guests.
Besides all of the launch party fun and the cute, reasonably-priced items in the collection, we were also excited that Chubby Bunny – a friend of Tokyo Fashion, and someone with close ties to Japan – was involved in styling Hello Kitty for this event. Michelle from Chubby Bunny is Los Angeles’s reigning queen of everything bow-y! Chubby Bunny has worked with a number of Japanese fashion brands, and Michelle lived in Japan for many years, making her somewhat of an expert on authentic Japanese “kawaii”. The cute polka dot bows designed by her were all over the launch party – worn by the friendly Forever 21 shop staff and even by Hello Kitty herself! Keep an eye out for the bows – and Kitty’s entire Chubby Bunny-designed ensemble – in the pictures below.

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