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Yasutoshi Ezumi 2013-14 A/W - "Anima" MBFW TOKYO,JAPAN


Theme: [ Anima ]

Concept: Anima '"female figure is in the unconscious of the male, female sex"

The soul 'in Latin originally and anima

It is the inner self that is in contact with those of unconscious,

The beat conscious women and image in among the men unconscious and 'Anima' as a psychological term that has been proposed by founder Carl Gustav Jung in analytical psychology, indicating the feminine at the same time, the elements of these two it keeps track of the integration of personality Te, is as a psychological process of self-realization, of expression, while it is creative, the process holds the promise the possibility of destruction.

Ladies wear by male designers,

To capture elements gentleness feminine and masculine, straight and curved lines, red and black, and strength, men and women, conflicting, feelings, atmosphere, the management, the mix, you can create an image woman 'Anima' as self-expression of clothes go.




分析心理学の創始者 カール・グスタフ・ユングによって提唱された心理学用語として ‘Anima’  とは無意識下の男性のなかにある女性像と、同時に女性性を示す、この二つの要素を意識下して人格の統合をはかる事が、自己実現、表現の過程の心理としている,その過程は創造的である一方、破壊の可能性も秘めている。


マスキュリンとフェミニン、直線と曲線、黒と赤、強さと優しさ、男性と女性、相反する要素、感情、雰囲気、理を取り込み、混ぜ合わせ、服の自己表現として’Anima’ 女性像 を創造していく。


Yasutoshi Ezumi

江角 泰俊

Fashion / Textile Designer

Art Director


1981年広島生まれ / Born in Hiroshima 1981




2008 SS / AW アクアスキュータム にてニットウェアデザイナーを務める


2010 AWよりファッションブランド Yasutoshi Ezumi を立ち上げる

JFW主催の「第3回SHINMAI Creator's project」 に選出される


2012年 株式会社Ri Designを設立


‘ANTEPRIMA + YE’ ラインを 2013SS ミラノコレクションにて発表。


Yasutoshi Ezumi graduated from University of Arts Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design BA Fashion / Textile Course,

worked as an assistant in Alexander Mcqueen and as a knitwear designer in Aquascutum London 2008 SS / AW,

was working as Fashion / Textile designer and Art Director,

launched fashion brand “Yasutoshi Ezumi” from 2010 AW collection

Launched Ri Design. Ltd at 2012

Publish collaboration line ‘ANTEPRIMA + YE’ in Milano collection.

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