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Exotic fabrics, intricate details, and ornate colors are the elements that Indian-American fashion designer Shekhar Rahate masterfully blends together to orchestrate his collection of haute couture gowns. The Rahate Collection encompasses the beauty and elegance of high-fashion frock by combining a variety of styles and fabrics from form-fitting to free-flowing to multi-patterned.

His fashion goals are to accentuate a woman’s silhouette while allowing her to move with comfort and grace. The Rahate Collection of luxurious gowns not only define haute couture perfection, but also carries with it the attention-grabbing appeal of the Red Carpet. His unique gowns have already appeared at the Golden Globes , Grammy’s , Emmys, Oscars, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Rahate's display of women's formal wear and headpieces at the 2012 International Fashion Supermodel (IFSM) event in Hollywood topped off a Halloween-themed celebrity-clad event that was broadcast to millions of viewers in the United States and China. Rahate also regularly participates in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). He presented his new collection at the Couture Fashion Week during NYFW 2012 where it was well received.

Rahate has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and received his training at the Dubai Beams International Fashion School. His runway shows have crossed the fashion globe from Los Angeles to San Francisco to New York City, as well as overseas to Germany, Switzerland, India and France.

Rahate’s creations have garnered numerous accolades in the fashion arena including:

                       Fashion Couturier of the Year Award – Los Angeles County Sheriff's Indo-American Advisory Council, April 2012
                       Versace Award for Global Excellence in Fashion – Global Independence Day Gala, US Asia Business Forum, September 2012
                       Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Medal for outstanding services and achievements in regard to role of global Indians in the international arena – NRI Welfare Society of India in London, 2012 / 2013 .

In addition, Rahate also receive a Crystal Ball Award as a Visionary Designer from Dr. Laura Wilhelm this year.

Rahate is also no stranger to the political arena as he designed Hollywood Haute Couture dresses for the 2013 Inauguration of United States President Barack Obama. In addition, he is the only designer in history ever to show at the prestigious United Nations General Assembly Hall where 450 delegates from across 192 nations witnessed his work.

His gowns have also been worn by countless prominent figures such as Maria Amor, Madame Chair M.C. Townsend, Bambou Ada (Adrienne) Diagne, actress Vanessa Williams, actress Michelle Romano, as well as “Miss Asia Pacific”, “Miss World”, and “Miss Universe”.

Rahate recently received his Ph.D. in sociology with a concentration in film, television, and video . He serves as the Regional Director for both the Northern California and Southern California Miss India beauty pageants.

The Rahate Collection by Shekhar Rahate
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468 North Camden Drive, Suite #244, Beverly Hills, CA  90210
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