Sunday, February 01, 2015

Copenhagen Fashion Week - AW' Fall'15

(Pictures) Brand:Quod Qouture

Sustainable clothing does not have to be boring and it is a lot easier to get a green wardrobe today compared to in 90's.
Striving to make the fashion week and the industry more green - Cementing this intensified focus with a sustainable opening show, Copenhagen Fashion Week (Jan 28 - Feb 1'15) accounting 32 runway shows along with the official opening show, which for the second season in a row is by a sustainable brand. 


Fonnesbech(an old Copenhagen fashion house that dates back to 1847 - Fall 2015 inspired by: The Fonnesbech history and the end of World War I, when the brand's founder ushered in a focus on women's rights, as well as the era's steps toward a more functional female wardrobe) kicked off fashion week on Wed. (Established in 1847-1970 by founder Anders Fonnesbech)The brand has relaunched this season by Celina Fonnesbech Targalski, who represents the sixth generation of the family business. Known for: The brand's new DNA explores modern elegance in couture-like, sustainable fabrics with a high-tech twist.Expanding to two show venues for the first time ever Copenhagen Fashion Week presented two official show venues – both in the heart of Copenhagen.  

Shows by Fonnesbech, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Mads Nørgaard, Asger Juel Larsen, and Sand and so on. Besides great presentations, exciting venues, and beautiful collections, was the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary. Being a Danish Fashion supporter herself and on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list a couple of times.

So take in the Green Walk, and remember Don't Compromise.

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