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BBB Bread & Butter Barcelona 4-6 July 2007

The “tradeshow for selected brands” welcomed more than 91.000 trade visitors from all over the world in the Catalan capital.Full house! BREAD & butter defied all laws of expectancy with the BBBarcelona July 2007 and, despite the usual summer slowdown, was able to increase impressively: in comparison to July 2006, 50% more international trade visitors came to the “tradeshow for selected brands” held in the Catalan capital, and even in comparison to this years’ winter event in January, BBBarcelona was able to report a 10% visitor increase!Everywhere you looked, only pleased faces: the large visitor crowd in no way affected the situation at the entrances – everything remained relaxed. Karl-Heinz Müller: “To invest in the ACTIVE GUEST MANAGEMENT was one of the best ideas we had. Our guests were able to gain access to the grounds easily and quickly, and, as a result, use their time efficiently.” Only shortly after the event was opened, the exhibitors enjoyed a tremendously high visitor frequency at their stands.Concentrating on Barcelona as the single B&b tradeshow venue in Europe proved a good move for all sides: more visitors came from the various countries, and also the general internationality (of the event) was higher than in Winter 2007. In addition to the Spanish visitors, the BBBarcelona recorded 65% international visitorsfrom 99 nations.

The number of German visitors is especially noteworthy: almost 10% of the guests came from Germany, which, in comparison to July 2006 indicates an increase of 68%. In general, noticeably more visitors from non-European countries came: such as, for instance, 50% more Russian visitors. Japan, too, showed considerable growth. Also the presence of the international press is worth mentioning: BBBarcelona was host to more than 3000 media representatives from all over the world.

The tradeshow had much to offer: shows by Custo, Ed Hardy, Freesoul, G-Star, Pepe and the graduates of the Escuela Superior de Moda y DisenÐo Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, special events by, for example, Havaianas, Marc Ecko, Timezone and Wrangler as well as the exhibition of the “7th letter crew”. The STUDIO.V set new quality standards with its new designers, more than 40 international collections and a monumental show. The Boss company also came to Barcelona and presented the Boss Orange line to the international audience on Friday evening at the Torero arena „Plaza de toros Monumental de Barcelona”. To top it all off, BREAD & butter hosted the Closing Party at “La Caseta” – here, the B&b crew and their guests celebrated three successful tradeshow days at the beautiful outdoor location with its magnificent view over the harbor of Barcelona.

For the next BBBarcelona which will take place from January 16 – 18, 2008, B&b plans to expand considerably: the January event will include the halls 6 and 7, the Mies van der Rohe Pavillon and the Palao Nacional as well as the entire outdoor area above the existing grounds. Karl-Heinz Müller: “We can imagine providing the STUDIO and the BB.DESIGN with an adequate home by locating both in the graceful Palao Nacional. We would like to use the Mies van der Rohe Pavillon – in my opinion the most beautiful building in the world – for exhibitions which would fit the tone set of this beautiful edifice or for the launch of a high-quality brand. For the outside premises we can envision grand displays or installations. Besides, more and more brands are interested in also presenting themselves outside the halls – through the expansion of the grounds we are able to meet their needs.”

Moreover, BREAD & butter will launch BREAD & BUTTER SOURCING in January 2008. Karl-Heinz Müller: “BBBarcelona is the largest and most important European tradeshow for denim, urban wear and sportswear. Both in January and in July, the entire industry meets in Barcelona and uses the tradeshow as a communication platform. Also, textile producers and other closely-related sectors come to Barcelona to establish the first contact and consultations with their partners. And so it is only consequent to integrate the precursory elements into the BBBarcelona. Even now, this July, the established Denim Mill “Ortanadolu” from Turkey as well as the “Interwashing Group” from Italy were present as exhibitors. A second time participator was the renowned Laundry Martelli in the Hotel Fira Palace not far from the fairgrounds. All were well-pleased with the response.

Karl-Heinz Müller continues: “Our intent was well-received by the representatives of the relevant areas. BREAD & BUTTER SOURCING will take place in hall 6, above the known grounds. Here, we envision textiles, ingredients, laundries, finishing, as well as all relevant preliminary sectors.” According to the B&b strategy, the firms will be carefully selected inernationally. K.-H. Müller: “We focus on the best in each sector and can foresee approximately 100 exhibitors. We will be able, for instance, to consider a maximum of 8-10 established Denim fabricants. Basically, it is important to us that the companies appreciate and respect each other.”

Karl-Heinz Müller further: “The existing grounds are bursting at the seams. To efficiently facilitate all existing potential, we simply need more space and place. The potential in the high-value sportswear sector is far from being exhausted. Expanding the grounds offers great possibilities, which we intend to utilize without loosing sight of quality – quantitative growth was never our interest.”

You have good reason to look forward to 2008, when the “tradeshow for selected brands”, from January 16 – 18, summons you once again to the Catalan capital. Karl-Heinz Müller concludes: “The BBBarcelona is a MUST for all professionals of the sector, and not merely in order to see the upcoming collections – BBBarcelona is a “Fashion Festival”, where lifestyle and trends are made to come alive – and so offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration.” July 2007

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