Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ayesha Deepala CHIVAS Dubai SHOW

Ayesha Depala Collection

CHIVAS Show Dubai

The Ayesha Depala collection for revealed an intrinsically feminine woman with a strong personality. Flowers are the key inspiration for this collection, and they recur in everything from trousers, to gowns.
The ready to wear part of this collection is very much character driven, and it affords the wearer the ability to play with their imagination, and mix and match the pieces to dress up, or down their various moods. The overwhelming sense of the collection is that of fun and glamour. The couture remains light and feminine as ever, with the ever-present use of lace, tulle, muslin and linen. Ayesha has played with construction and drape, married with traditional embroidery techniques such as gota leaves, done in unusual ways to dramatic effect. Ayesha’s signature vintage Edwardian lace crowns this collection with breathtaking embroidered gowns, highlighting the collection’s innovation and timelessness. Ayesha’s collection is further highlighted by the glorious jewels of De Beers. The models, and Ayesha herself, will be adorned with hundreds of carats of the finest diamonds in the world, courtesy of De Beers. A special appearance by Ayesha’s friend and fan, Yasmin Le Bon wearing Ayesha Depala couture added an extra dose of high glamour to the outstanding show.

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