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CHIVAS Fashion Tour October - November 2008

(Chivas Fashion Tour Launch Party Pics) Above;
CHIVAS Fashion Tour October - November 2008 ;
About CHIVASChivas in FashionChivas is an uber chic global brand that evokes the most passionate sensibilities. In just 12 months of Chivas’ association with Fashion, the two are synonymous with each other. With its association with New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, three India India Fashion Weeks, Three Lakme Fashion Weeks and One mega fashion caravan traveling in India and overseas called the Chivas Fashion Tour, Chivas and Fashion have taken the fashion fraternity by stormWhat Chivas does with Fashion:Support to Indian designers at New York and Paris Fashion Week: Designers that Chivas has associated with are, Ashish Soni and Manish Arora.The Chivas Lounge at India Fashion Week, India Couture week and Lakme Fashion Week- An exclusive lounge to relax and have a Chivas is created amidst frenzy of shows and business for designers, buyers, media and A- listers at the fashion Week. This lounge is so exclusive that if you are not seen here, you are not there yet!!The first edition of the Chivas Fashion Tour in 2007, was a runaway success. It was for the first time that a Fashion event from India traveled overseas to the Middle East.The second edition of the Chivas Fashion Tour starting this September has another first- An international designer makes her/his debut on an Indian RunwayAn annual event, it is not just the designers who vie to be part of the Chivas Fashion Tour but also A list celebrities and Fashion Media who clamor to be seen at this event. With India’s finest designers participating on invitation, top models, and only the best in sound, light, set design, the Chivas Fashion Tour is ‘the’ fashion event every year In India.

Designers Collection

Anmika KhannaSpring Summer 2009
A universal collection of contrasts. Juxtaposition of the organic and luxury. Structure and fluidity, dark and light.Unique handcrafted techniques from Indian treasure troves, borrowing international silhouettes. The color palette extending from ivory whites to earth tones into black.A sense of confidence, clam and maturity. A timeless collection, pieces translating from day to evening. Independent, individual and versatile for the thinking woman with a mind of her own. Not to be typecased into a trend.

Ayesha Depala

The Ayesha Depala collection for Chivas reveals an intrinsically feminine woman with a strong personality. Flowers are the key inspiration for this collection, and they reccur in everything from trousers, to gowns.The ready to wear part of this collection is very much character driven, and it affords the wearer the ability to play with their imagination, and mix and match the pieces to dress up, or down their various moods. The overwhelming sense of the collection is that of fun and glamour.The couture remains light and feminine as ever, with the ever-present use of lace, tulle, muslin and linen. Ayesha has played with construction and drape, married with traditional embroidery techniques such as gota leaves, done in unusual ways to dramatic effect.Ayesha’s signature vintage Edwardian lace crowns this collection with breathtaking embroidered gowns, highlighting the collection’s innovation and timelessness.

Deepika Govind
A Loose Kite On A Gentle Wind - by Deepika Govind. It is a story about kites and our quest for freedom. It is a story that every Indian can identify with. The second half of the tale is about knots – the shackles that bind us, the hurdles that keep us but a hair’s breath away from that elusive haven of freedom. Eveningwear ensembles that are often spiritual, intellectual, lyrical, abstract, yet always beautiful. They are at once avant garde and classic, transcending both time and culture.

Malini Ramani'Party Planet'
For my Fall/Winter 2008/9 Season, I have designed a collection called'Party Planet". Judging by the hectic social whirl of the months can only imagine the enslaught of back to back parties,openings and jet-set weddings creeping up around the corner.For the first time in ages, I have designed 100% pure andunadulterated party wear !My colour story is like a tray of dessert...caramel, chocolate, nougatand truffles. Add a dash of gold and there you have it... the perfectpalette for any party-girl.Flambouyant prints and intricate applique and bead work add that extramagic to the deep winter tones.Easy to wear luxurious fabrics in sexy cuts and Indian inspired motifsis what inspired this collection.

Raghavendra Rathore

The collection evokes a fresh clarity of form, energy & spontaneity. The designs have been given a graphic approach through a basic silhouette put together with bands of colors.Remixing and reinventing the silhouettes in an extraordinary modern way adds to the versatility of the collection. The collection has a wide array of tops that have been restructured to emulate a balance between diversity and wear ability. The overall feel is brilliant yet contemporary with an element of sensual feminity. Ascents of colour hold the collection together, thereby mixing and matching ideas, fabrics, colours, structures and techniques.

Rohit Bal
The ancient artistic tradition of Ashta Dhatu involves the combining of 8 different metals for the purpose of creating a variety of aesthetic objects. When worn on the body the combination of these metals is believed to have miraculous healing properties.This latest collection has been inspired by this age-old art form.The color palette includes Gold, Metallic Copper, Silver, Iron, Lead, Tin, Lead, Zinc and Mercury. There are strong Indian elements in terms of the fabrics, embroidery, and liberal use of specially created handcrafted ‘Gota’. The extensive use of the same is symbolic of the collection’s indigenousness.The silhouettes have been kept contemporary and international, keeping in mind the emerging global market. The collection falls under the category of "creative" and is extremely luxurious and sensuous.Various textures and fabric treatments that have been used to create this collection with the interplay of color with volume and layering add a sense of mystic aura and define a sense creative amalgamation.The collection is dramatic in its appeal and is for most part un-wearable. Un-wearability, however, has never been a criterion for a Rohit Bal collection. Key elements from earlier collections have been incorporated to create an exhilarating crescendo-A fusion of fashion, art and craft melted together like the eight metals in Ashta Dhatu.

Varun Bahl
Varun Bahl teams up with CHIVAS to recreate timeless beauty and entwine thetraditional with the surreal.The silhouettes are contemporary - sarees,lehngas with odhnis, and the very much invogue this season,the ornate Angrakha(popularly called Anarkali) teamed with churidar. The garments are embellished with embroideries ranging from threadwork,tilla and zardozi- all of which lend splendour to the garment.The colours that create magic areantique gold,moss green,fuschia and red. All the above are a tribute to the modern live her dream

Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks creates a suite of cocktail dresses and evening loungewear in a romantic mood. Inspired by the Romantic Era of the late 1800’s, the clothes borrow from the easy beach style in Goa. These are clothes for rockstar chicks, boho spirits, hippie flower children and the romantic at heart. Soft pastel tones and resort details such as shells, mother of pearl, coconut fibre, feathers and ribbon embellish the collection. This is the romantic side of a designer in love with the feminine women of another era for the romantic women of today. Pastels have been treated to colonial dusty tones and cut in a manner that is typical of the Wendell Rodricks. From Goa and the early British romantic Orientalists, Wendell Rodricks creates for the Chivas Fashion Tour a unique collection called "Romantica".

LE JARDIN DES FLEURSLE JARDIN DES FLEURS - Ashishs's spring summer 09 collection strongly favors form over opulent excess , creating his signature minimalist stand rocked by the change of the maximal kind. It’s about seeking alternatives to the cold anonymity of mass production and standardized industrial processes. The challenge for this collection has been revitalizing the concept of precisely sculpted silhouettes , subtly twisting proportions and inventing new stitching techniques, The highlight of the collection is a blend of draped and tailored pieces, very sculptural, atmospheric and evocative, uber intellectual and uber .Ashish N Soni’s instinctive style translates into an unlikely combination of period and contemporary elements which is the very essence of this collection. The brands appreciation for the beauty of plainness along with dedication to detail is skillfully captured in relaxed looks constructed in a somber colour palette of cream-hued textiles alongside the signature white . The range contains beautifully blended light cotton airy fabrics communicating a tremendous feel for modern living that’s seems keen to elaborate on the soft , yet very confident feminine message.

Cue - Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

This evening Cue presents the look to be a combination of easy going silhouettes with refined sensibilities which results in intelligent glam. The collection is about the exploration of the cleverly embellished and uniquely cut possibilities for urban evening wear. Geometric precision and hidden secrets, all find physical resonance in this very chic collection. Structured lines, modulated fittings, clever twists are the silhouettes that the collection comprises of.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh
The A/W line from Kiran Uttam Ghosh in shades of Black, Indigo and Forest Green .Silhouettes are structured with controlled volume, Jackets, Dresses, Tunics and Trousers. Accents of Blood red, Turquoise and Emerald complete the look.

Mandira Wirk
Inspiration! A word that always evokes a dual emotion from me. Are we truly inspired by something externally and take cues from it or are we stimulated and stirred by a deep inherent feeling and a catalyst appears from somewhere to take it forward. Are we inspired from outside forces or are we led by inner motivations? Thus once again defining my inspiration for my clothing collection takes me through these conflicting emotions. As I sit looking through my collection, my first thoughts go to the original inspiration - where this entire assemblage of clothing took birth. The Medieval Ages! But immediately that phrase conjures up images of barbaric deeds, despair and darkness. My mind recoils and I instantaneously reject that but my thoughts also goes back to the fact that- that Era, that period of time was also the dawn of a new coming. Of Civilizations that were resplendent with splendid and exhilarating colors, design and structures. Of Cultures that taught the world about elegance, aristocracy and splendor. These may be called the dark ages due to warring factions, but they are also a shining beacon towards true nobility and grace. And from within these epic chronicles of style – a magnificent example and one that always takes my breath away – is the usage of Stained Glass Art. An Art form that may well be the defining and only depiction of Man and God’s relationship through luminous painting. Of tales told through a pictorial storyboard that are etched on some of the most magnificent structures known to mankind; those incomparably revered churches and cathedrals.Very few things in life have a profound impact, an influence and effect that change your very being forever. For me, these translucent glass masterpieces did just that. I embarked on a journey of trying to understand what decorative art stood for and the how it can portrayed through one of the most incursive of mediums in today’s age; ‘Fashion’. And to my mind, that is what my inspirational channel for my collection is. But is it an inspiration that I outwardly saw and absorbed or was it something that lay dormant inside me and was unleashed when I was introduced to these medieval masterworks. That may well be the eternal question - and one for which I have no answer!

Rocky S
The collection could be best defined as a mélange of chic feminine ensembles. Beautifully cut gowns come alive in soft flowy fabrics like satin, chiffon and georgette. The line comprises of an interesting concoction of colours, both bright and understated The gowns and dresses have been embellished with fabric and sequin texturing. Eyelet work, along with silk thread and cord work has been accentuated with pretty sequins A hint of vintage gold embroidery teamed with soft frills and pleats delicately compliments and completes the collection.

The vision of a Modern India is the glorious fashionable India that the entire world has been waiting to embrace for many years now. India is no longer just a story of snake charmers or classical and ornate palaces but one that has the potential of making luxe fashion statements on a truly contemporary global palette. While an average modern Indian has evolved, but the sensibilities have remained quintessential Indian, and hence there is a strong sense of pride in announcing the arrival of this new exotic fusion. Keeping this in mind, Shantanu and Nikhil true to their signature have this time around created a collection that has strong flaovors of vintage India served on a western philosophy of drapes and silhouettes, thereby making it marketable to a global woman who is confident, independent and a sophisticate world traveller. The collection pays a rich tribute to the vintage colours and applications of ancient India, be it the appliqué work of heritage Indian jewelery motifs, the hand-made kaantha techniques inter-woven into intricate fabric textures, or combining rich hand-woven Indian fabrics with laser cut leather techniques. While keeping the handwriting essentially subtle with Indian monochromatic tones, the language is most definitely contemporary and silhouette centric. Pastel shades of gold and beiges teamed with vintage colors like fiery reds, smokey ash greys and blacks form the color palette for the season, thereby thriving on the philosophy that a smart interplay of vintage colors on beautiful Indian skin tones is what makes India such a hugely inspirational land of cross-cultures and future global trend

Vikram Phadnis

The collection is a blend of contrast concepts. This inexhaustible collection gives a very pretext of unexpected femininity and comes out in a explosion of blends of neutral prints with hints of color . The Silhouettes are very stylized and disciplined melting with the glamorous universe of night life. Free flowing nets surfaced with shimmer gives an impression of elegance. and the interplay of light through the nets and textures blended with metallic hues add another dimension to the collection giving it a very high regal look. The collection leaves an impact of a very high tailored look to the garments and has distinctive styling to them. The collection has a toned down contemplative feeling and as always "FASHION" is a reflecting amazement of contamination and rethinking. with Local Hero in 1983, Knopfler has scored several motion pictures. He has also recorded with Chet Atkins and with the Notting Hillbillies. After the demise of Dire Straits in 1995, he returned to a more personal style for his debut solo album, 'Golden Heart', in 1996. Subsequent soundtrack efforts include 1998's Wag the Dog, 1998's Metroland and 2002's Shot at Glory. Sailing to Philadelphia, a lush collection of folk-rock and breezy americana that featured guest appearances by James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Squeeze leaders Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford appeared in fall 2000.'The Ragpickers Dream' followed in 2002 which was an instant Top Ten in the UK. In 2003, on the way to rehearsals in London, Knopfler broke his collarbone, shoulder and seven ribs in a motorcycle crash. He returned in 2004 with Shangri-La. Mark has been married three times, and has twin sons from his second marriage, and a daughter with his current wife, Kitty Aldrige.Quotes"My idea of heaven is a place where the Tyne meets the Delta, where folk music meets the blues" "I've never had a guitar lesson. I'm not proud of it particularly, but it's just the way I seem to do it. It's not the best way. I don't recommend it to all your readers" "If something is played with soul, that's what's important. My favorite records, by and large, aren't wonderful technical achievements""I don't believe in perfect, I just don't believe that. There's so many ways to do any song, perfection's just a cloud in the air. People say I'm a perfectionist and all of that. It's just not so"AlbumsGolden Heart - 1996 Sailing to Philadelphia- 2000 The Ragpicker's Dream - 2002 Shangri-La - 2004 Sultans of Swing, Very best of Dire Straits and Shangri-La Cassettes and CD's available on Universal.

CHIVAS Schedule"Chivas in fashion 08 "Tentative Schedule :Date DayCityVenueDesigner26th Sep 08 FridayMumbaiITC Central1.Rohit Bal 27th. Sep 08 SaturdayMumbaiITC Central1. Raghu & Vikram ,2. Malini & Cue28th. Sep 08 SundayMumbaiITC Central1. Rocky S & Ayesha Depala 2. Wendell & Shantanu - Nikhil1st Nov 08 SaturdayKolkataOberoi Grand 1.Mandira / Deepika/ Kiran2nd Nov 08 SundayKolkataOberoi Grand 1.Shantanu-Nikhil & Raghu & Varun8th Nov 08 SaturdayBangaloreLeela Palace1.Mandira / Deepika/ Kiran 9th Nov 08 SundayBangaloreLeela Palace1.Ashish & Anamika & Raghu14th Nov 08 FridayDelhiIntercontinental Eros1.Rocky S & Cue15th Nov 08 SaturdayDelhiIntercontinental Eros1. Varun & Wendell 2.Anamika & Ashish 3. Malini & Vikram 16th Nov 08 SundayDelhiIntercontinental Eros1. Mandira/ Deepika/ Kiran 2. Rohit Bal

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