Saturday, July 24, 2010

Le Fleur by Archana Kochhar - BFW (Bangalore Fashion Week) 2010, July 24th

Le fleur

The collection is the celebration of the innocent purity of love and Freshly Blossoming romance.Winter Garden perfuming the windy Landscape, marinated Confectionery delight . It celebrates the floral extravaganza of all things Pretty and Pristine. It summarizes the girlie spirit of fluttering petals whispering dew drop lullabies to the soft winds fragmenting lands near and wide.

Soft palette of ripen peach, Marshmallow pink, Onion Lilac Laguna green Blooms into a exquisite bouquet of delicate Garments crafted out of softest tulle, fluid organza, dainty lace. Feminine and feline. Volatile yet whimsical. Out of Regal Backyard ,where roses are Gigantic as big as cloud and sky showers petals.

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