Friday, October 15, 2010

Pradeep Hirani (Kimaya) - Japan India Fashion Forum

Pradeep Hirani of Kimaya Fashions to visit Japan for formulation of 

Japan India Fashion Forum


Hirani is part of the special delegation from India Japan India Fashion Forum invited by the Japanese Govt. to visit Tokyo


Mumbai, October 15: The fashion Industry in India is growing at a rapid pace and the country’s future prospects have excited luxury behemoths from around the globe. Many countries have shown keen interest in India’s robust pace of growth over the last few years. Japan too has taken special interest in India with specific focus on the fashion industry in the country.


The Japanese Govt. has invited a special delegation from India to visit Japan representing the country. The delegation consists of industry leaders and eminent personalities who are driven towards making a change and contribute towards a cordial relationship between the two countries.

The Japan India Fashion Forum (JIFF) is one such initiative aimed at fostering a relationship between both the two countries. It is the first of the kind and with strong leaders driving this foundation, it is sure to reap benefits that are part of the mission of the foundation.



Mr. Pradeep Hirani, CMD Kimaya Fashions Pvt. Ltd., has been specially invited to Tokyo for the fashion week during mid of October, 2010. Mr Atul Parekh, Infinity Creations, Mr Rahul Mehta, President CMAI, Ms Lubna Admans and Mr Maneck Davar, Chairman, Spenta Group are the other leaders who are invited.


It is during this period that the JIFF will be officially formulated by the 5 industry leaders as an organization which will work in tandem with the other official organizations like METI, JETRO, JFWO, JTIA etc. to build mutually beneficial relationships between both nations.



Their presence at Japan Fashion Week will be the first time that any Indian representatives have been officially invited to Japan and distinct awareness about the same will be created. Their visit will include a host of interactions and discussions with vital Japanese stakeholders in the fashion industry probing on the scope of potential of India for Japan.


Mr. Hirani of Kimaya Fashions has been instrumental over the years in popularising Indian fashion to the world. He has also been responsible for creating an ideal platform for International designers within the country.

The retail format adopted by his iconic stores across the India and Dubai has evolved with time and are today the perfect business and aesthetic destination for leading international fashion.


Mr Hirani is one of the few Indians who has been invited to visit fashion weeks across the globe including Milan, Paris, London, New York, Colombo, Dubai, Durban, Sao Paolo, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.


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