Monday, October 25, 2010

Rickshaw ‘Laila Majnu ki Sawari’ By Payal Jain (for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, 2010)

Ms. Payal Jain has designed a Rickshaw ‘Laila Majnu ki Sawari’ at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, 2010 being held at pragati maidan gate no-8. Her rickshaw is put there on display. Below given is the concept of the Rickshaw designed by Ms. Payal Jain.

'Laila Majnu ki sawari'

The inspiration behind this eclectic vehicle is the age old love story of the two lovers, 'Laila and Majnu'. This is a tiny private honeymoon suite for lovers who spend their lives looking for places to spend time together in peace and privacy.

This vibrant, colorful, funky rickshaw embodies the spirit of love in India with its beautiful 'madhubani' canopy which talks of the various stages of love in one's life. This traditional art form originated in Bihar and since been an explicit representation of human feelings and emotions over the centuries. The kaleidoscope of primary and secondary hues speaks a truly global language despite it's completely Indian soul. The pop-art collage on the vinyl are what all Indians have grown up seeing on all public transport over the years, be it trucks, buses, richshaws or scooters. They represent the truly colorful, vivacious and relentless Indian spirit !! The gold embossed seat is the throne for the young and restless lovers and the gold and fushcia curtains can be drawn to provide a private moment.

The turquoise peacock at the front depicts Indian beauty at it's best.......royal, regal and grand in all it's resplendent beauty ! The colorful wheel and handle accessories are 'Old Delhi' inspired and add a touch of mad kitch to the tradition of rickshaw pulling and make the experience much more fun !! Don't miss the bell which is meant to clear the way for the lovers so nothing interrupts their joy love ride !! The small trunk at the back with wooden doors is for the honeymoon couple's belongings, so they don't loose them along the way.

Such is the ride of 'Laila and Majnu'. Come and join the fun and take a little ride to the world of dreams, the Indian way !!

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