Friday, December 17, 2010

FILIPPA K > December must haves!

December Feature

Get ready for the festive season 

This month the collection has all you'll need for December dressing-up. On the men's side we're focusing on dressing up in classically tailored pieces. Christian, Tom and newcomer Luke are our favorite suit jackets, each slightly different from the other ensuring you find the one that fits you the best.

For women, adding a bit of sophisticated sparkle to your look will have you feeling appropriate at all special occasions of the season. The Stripe Sequin Top has a graphic expression that's synonym with Filippa K.

Christmas Gifts

Get an early start on christmas gifts. Make sure to keep your loved ones warm in all sorts of knits. Opt for soft hairy mohair, a trend that's here to stay or treat someone you hold dear to our basic merino or lambswool program; pieces that they'll keep and love for a long time.


Lambswool V-Necks, coloured chinos, a casual Herringbone shirt or a Tweed Jacket are all classics that complement any look. Pieces that work season through season, that tend to become all time favourites and that can all be

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