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The Glamour of Bollywood@Geneva, Switzerland by Pria Kataria Puri

This latest collection features jewelled tones like pearl whites, beige, ruby reds, deep blues, jade and rich emerald in luxurious chiffons and silks. The embellishments are very subtle with onus on styling and detailing. Digital prints of jewellery that the late Maharani Gayatri Devi wore form the centre of attraction. These have been inspired from Pria’s sojourns at Royal Palaces in Rajasthan!

We’re all familiar by now with the age-old wisdom that compassion and caring are key parts of the art of living. Similarly, the cuisine of any culture is often seen as art influencing and sustaining life. And fashion can quite fairly be described as a living art, giving elegance and grace to the everyday business of living, working and loving.

A new initiative in Geneva, Switzerland, last week combined all of these elements in what can only be called
The Art Of Giving.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, under the guidance of Princess Francoise Sturdza, president of The Heart For India Foundation, hosted a series of stunning events that offered lucky guests the tastes of Indian cuisine and the sights of resplendent Indian fashion in a unique fundraising gala.Bombay based beautiful designer Pria Kataaria Puri, whose gorgeous, diaphanous gowns, robes ,kaftans, saris and dresses grace an extensive client list from newyork,paris,millan,Kuwait,dubai to Mumbai brought the textures and colours of India to the warm oak-lined ballroom and plush carpets of the Mandarin Oriental.

Geneva’s winter frosted the windows with a breath of snow, but inside there was the lavish splendour of Rajput palaces, and the romance of desert caravans.

For three nights,
"The Glamour of Bollywood" combined with the ancient sensual beauty of Indian tradition in a series of Pria Kataaria Puri fashion events at the Mandarin Oriental.The first event, named the Rajputana Rhapsody, captured the glorious, bejewelled radiance of the robes and dresses of the Rajput Princesses of Northern India.

The second event, named the Arabian Nights Caravan, took excited guests on a journey through the rich textures, fine embroideries and dazzling gold and silver trim on sleeves and hems that define the mysterious allure of the desert.

The third night, called the Jeans & Glam Jam, hurled the guests into the brilliant, vivacious sophistication of modern Bombay life and society: vibrant, feisty, elegant and free-spirited.

All of the garments presented in the three events were designed exclusively by Pria Kataaria Puri who is also the new Ambasodor for Heart for India foundation,. The European models from Milan were specially selected for the event by Princess Francoise and Pria, and showed that the unique, ravishing designs created by this Indian artist are truly universal in their appeal.

The delicacies of Indian cuisine were created and offered by the Mandarin Oriental’s dedicated restaurant, Rasoi by Vineet, recognized and rewarded with a glittering Star in the Michelin Guide. Opened in June 2008 after a multi-million Swiss Franc renovation of the hotel’s public areas,Rasoi by Vineet offers the cuisine of London-based Michelin starred chef, Vineet Bhatia, who specialises in deliciously spectacular “evolved” Indian food.

The restaurant’s award winning Head Chef, Anupam Bannerjee, has more than 15 years of culinary experience in some of the world’s top kitchens. Before joining Rasoi by Vineet in Geneva, Chef Anupam spent time in London’s sister restaurant Rasoi, working closely with Vineet to immerse himself fully in Maestro Bhatia’s distinctive “evolved Indian cuisine”. The traditional and modern Indian dishes prepared by Chef Anupam Banerjee added an extra dimension to the series of special fashion events. Nothing gives a sense of place more immediacy than the smells and tastes that are unique to it.

To complement the journeys of the three nights, Chef Anupam selected some of his favourite Indian dishes from the whole spectrum of Indian cuisine, and created several signature dishes exclusively for the guests.

Although the events in themselves offered spectacular sights of beauty and creative design, a selection of the finest Indian foods, and an ambience dedicated to enhance the entire journey of the senses, the purpose driving the initiative was to raise money for children in need.

The Indian children supported by The Heart For India Foundation include abandoned girls, who reside at the girls’ orphanages called Girls Town One and Girls Town Two, and the thousands of children in the model school at Nanmangalam, South India.

To that end, the events were so successful, and the sums raised were so impressive, that the initiative is already being planned for a return to beautiful Geneva city, next year.

SAR La Princess Lea de belgique, SAR La princesses Marie Gabrielle de Savoie, Princess Christine Sturdza, are few Royalties specially coming to attend the show along with many other European dignitaries from world of finance, fashion, banking, art, hospitality ,opera,and films!

As Pria Kataaria Puri said, during the events:
“We wanted to host a series of events that showed our passion for the causes we support ,as much as our passion for the indian art and creativity of glamorous cutting edge design, and we wanted the event to be fun for everyone who attended, and who donated so generously.”
Princess Francoise, nodding in agreement, added that: “Events such as these, that show the pleasures of being involved with creative people in a good cause, have the power to make giving fashionable, and to show us the true art of giving. - GREGORY ROBERT DAVID -SHANTARAM

A true salute to the fine art of fashion designing that is closely related after all to the world of all things artistic & giving!

Pria’s versatile wearable and glamorous collection is loved by Indians and Foreigners world over as she truly believes that fashion is global! She is passionate about promoting Indian art and culture with a modern twist. Be it the Kashmir Ki Kali, Bombay Glam or the Royal Rajputana Collections, all have been sported by celebrities like Madonna, Paris Hilton, etc.

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