Friday, October 07, 2011

Eyewear>Kick Eyes Glasses

After an especially epic, heinous winter, things are about to get festive. And how better to show your party spirit this spring than with these novelty Kick Eyes glasses? The latest concept from Nono Muaks, a fashion-design collective between Brussels and Beijing, Kick Eyes have no lenses. In their place are laser-cut shapes: Heart, Lightning Bolt, Vertical Bars, Single X and Double X. The latter is a Hint exclusive because we figure it's the season to be fully blotto. The best part? Kick Eyes are only $15. What? No way! How is that possible? Because they're made of felt, a cheap-and-chic wonder material that bends but never breaks. So go on, get felt up this spring.

Details: 100% laser-cut industrial felt, durable and foldable, unisex, one size fits all. Dimensions: 5.75" wide, 5" deep.

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