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S / S 2012 Francesca Liberatore >FISH COUTURE

MILANO MODA DONNA - FASHION SHOW S / S 2012 Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore STAGE DOOR "FISH COUTURE"

Milan, September 27, 2011 - The schedule of Milan Fashion Week S / S 2012 ended with a spectacular show that takes the viewer the marine universe. The new prêt-à-Porter S / S 2012 Francesca Liberatore signed original and valuable results in clothing the depths of the Red Sea, bringing to life the colors in each piece, the brilliant hues and shapes of tropical fish.

On his fourth show on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week, designer delights in a new trial in which refines its ability to end the game with fabrics and shapes by using ambivalent, giving the collection a sense of relaxation built. Francesca Liberatore wants to impress once again creating clothes for a woman but conscious and reflective light, looking deep inside. Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, the designer has managed to mix sophistication with attentive elements and marine colors, cuts the dynamism of couture outfits and practicality of traditional fishermen.

In his creations triggers a duality between the aesthetic and evocative and the world leaders whose recall. Silk pockets, illuminated by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS networks, vests, dresses and trousers, reminiscent of the forms and drawings of fish expertly reproduced with inkjet printing on silk. Forty leaders highly structured in which the privilege is the use of fabrics like shantung with paper effect and teffetà, as opposed to the transparency of silk georgette skirts and trousers in two very long, loose clothing and also versatile, to be worn open or closed nodes to be elegant. The young designer also confirmed in this collection focus on the construction of two-dimensional or volumetric geometric forms and structured, especially in the shirts. The colors range from basic black, midnight blue / ultramarine blue, optical white, blue sugar paper, until the mint green coral pink.

Francesca Liberatore The walkway is transformed into a theater where the leaders, stars of the show, dancing to the tune of Vinicio Capossela arranged by Matthew Locasciulli, with curious accessories handmade by young designers. Unique sunglasses that recall the shape of the eye of tropical fish, enriched by Swarovski Elements and shades of bright colors., A shoulder bag, which starts from the waist to the ground, made of inlaid leather - the scales of a fish - keeping meticulously with mini studs.

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