Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Khwaja-Autumn Winter 2012 by Vaishali Shadangule

Khwaja is the word which is used by all the Sufi- saints and peer-fakeer to address the divine power. They have devoted their entire life to spread the message of the ultimate master, to the societies across the nations. They never limit themselves to any defined path to enlighten others, what they did became the path for their followers. They were above the worries of survival and left themselves on the mercy of their master. These enlightened souls wanted to merge themselves into the supreme power, and in the spiritual journey of their life, they found the power within.

 I am fascinated by this philosophy and want to pay my tribute to these true and pure spirit of denying of being and becoming nobody.

In the intuitive process of presenting this thought into a collection, I have used hand woven organic cotton to keep the purity of thought and the embellishment of beads are weaved into the fabric to interpret the thought into the garment.

I have mainly used black and white color to show two different sides of a world and have tried to achieve different silhouettes along with the draping to show the variety of the concept.

The fabric that has been used is cotton that has a soft feel as well as it is flowy. Keeping in mind this element of the fabric, I have used some draping techniques to create unconventional silhouettes. Some of the garments also portray strong construction with woven textures.

VAISHALI. S is a fashion label by Vaishali Shadangule.

Born in a small town Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, Vaishali’s journey into fashion has been an inspiring tale. Graduating in science, she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of being a fashion designer. Her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision of creating contemporary designs from Indian hand women textiles has borne fruit through her two stores in Mumbai and a new flagship in New Delhi.

The brand that bears her name is a clothing line that encompasses contemporary and traditional Indian wear, Indo-western and western wear. The label stands for a modern attitude, comfort and innovative style stemming from a wealth of ideas that blends the modern with the vastness of Indian textiles. Besides designing for her label, she also has licensed her label and designs to retail houses.  Her collections have been much celebrated by the media and fashion connoisseurs alike.

She debuts at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week this season with her autumn winter 2012 line that amalgamates art and fashion.

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