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HYPARHEDRA>Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia

Presentation capsules Collection
Juliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia
Presqu * ile Design Store
19 Via del Corallo,
RomeJuly 10,
18:30 h

At the Fashion Week of July, the young designer of jewelry Juliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia presents Hyparhedra Collection.The studies carried out on paper in the laboratory "Vorkurs" taught by Josef Albers at the Bauhaus it 1927, in the first half of the Bauhaus and the preliminary observation of the studies carried out on paper by artists such as Ronald Resch, in the 60s and 70s are the point of source and inspiration of the collection, a reflection on empirical studies of structural and construction issues through which it was tested the nature, quality and texture of materials.Just as students were asked to design complex structures without using nothing more than the starting material for the joints (a raw, simple, unusual, such as paper, cardboard and balsa wood), so the designers, borrowing the concept of joint and structures complex, creating unique pieces, sculpture, jewelry, precious and iconic works.The designs thus produced will be the starting point for the creation of jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces structure) with a strong connotation, Architectural concepts borrowed from studies of the same designer who was born as an architect before specializing in the production of jewelry from experimental forms strong conceptual appeal.Leather, Silver and Carbon are the distinctive features of the collection. The carbon, innovative and experimental in the jewelry, the use of which up to recently, was restricted to aviation, motorcycle, automobile or structural.The choice of the carbon is not random, in fact. While the material "mimics" the extreme lightness of paper, on the other stands for the extreme mechanical strength, hardness, good resistance to temperature variations, the effects of chemical agents, enjoying, in addition, drug-retardant properties.The boutique presqu * ile, isle of design, fashion and experimentation in the heart of Rome, will be the background for a presentation of its kind. Contamination, avant-garde sound and a giant paper installation will greet the public in a course of study and reflection on the forms.

Jewellery Designer Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia discovered her interest in jewellery while she was working and studying in the field of architecture and interior-design and increasingly dedicated himself to this passion. A passion, which is the result of a strong commitment and knowledge, that soon leads her to attend some gemology classes at the IGI institute of Antwerp, specializing in "Colored Stones Identification," "Colored Stones Grading and Evaluation" and "Pearls Grading and Evaluation."

This path eventually took her toward the creation of her jewelry line in 2007.
She currently lives and works in Rome, her native city where she opened the concept store, Presqu*ile, in March 2010, an eclectic multifunctional space, it displays singular creations, unique or limited edition pieces that exemplify the ideals of meticulous research balanced between tradition and innovation, a place where art, design, fashion and jewellery coexist in the spirit of exclusivity.

The designer’s inspirational and intuitive approach to her creative production is far away from any classification or stereotype. Her work becomes unique thanks to her continous exploring and experimenting with different materials.

Each particular piece is characterized by an unconventional and unique choice which is revealed with the use of fine materials such as galuchat, stingray leather, typical of the Louis XV era.

Her style is often changing, it can be ironical, profane and even provocative. Her themes always combine different elements inspired by architecture, marine biology books, macro and texture photos, sculptorial and even anatomical elements.

Her modern and original jewelry is designed with the unusual combination of materials like silver, black ruthenium and polychrome enamels. The willingness to experiment enhances her skills focusing on the minerals while using diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones as a “frame” thus changing their classical role. This surreal mood creates an imaginary dimension where the details make a difference.

The functional and aestetical pursuit of every piece is supported also by a “Made in Italy” craft and the meticulous attention to detail. This is why the designer personally follows every phase, from the choice of stone to the prototypical creation as well as the production’s final steps.

This style between perception and experimenting takes form in the production of unique and limited edition pieces, where she mixes exclusive materials and their different contrasting colors to achieve a special combination between trend and elegance.

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