Monday, July 09, 2012


Once upon a time, in the city of Berlin:

There are 50 good old acquaintances, who are celebrating a feast every season (Bread & Butter). The guests (exhibitors) come mainly from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and The Netherlands.

All the guests take their seats at a big table (Denim Base). Each one of them knows the ritual. Each one knows how the other one is ticking. One guest takes himself more important than he really is, the other one is more timid and calmer, the next one likes to kick his opponent against the leg under the table. Some have good table manners, others cannot even eat with knife and fork without cutting themselves. But all of them are used to the other's quirks, in the end the feast had always been well and good.

There were only 50 seats at the big table, and since nearly no one wanted to miss out on the feast, the circle was nearly always the same. The audience (visitors and press) nearly always saw the same faces, were always told the same tales. Boredom arose, at times dissatisfaction even. The audience began to defame the guests, some even questioned the whole feast itself. A number of guests did not like this, and began questioning their attendance since they were no longer celebrated. Thus some guests stayed away.

A few of the regular guests could not really afford the participation in the feast anymore, others celebrated their own feast and waited in vain for a great audience. Others just did not accept the invitation of the host (Karl-Heinz Müller), although the table was richly laid.

So the host suddenly had the opportunity to invite new guests to the table, since there were seats available. And so the usual ritual changed, and a whole new circle formed, since the new guests were not lost to lethargy, and had other tales to tell (Berlin-Tempel of Denim, Denim Religions Show, Sport & Street Festival).

The feast had become another one, it was unfamiliar and new. New and old guests mixed, a whole new circle formed. There were new topics discussed, new faces seen, and the audience was thrilled. It was exciting again. Former regular guests had become onlookers and regretted to not sit at the table as usual – since in the end, many of them would have loved to take part in the feast.

However, if all had followed the host's invitation, as usual, this new kind of feast had not have been possible, since the table would have been full. And now? Everyone is content with the successful feast, the old and the new guests, the audience and the host.

Now, the host has to carefully consider who he will invite for the next feast, since the number of seats at his table remains limited. One thing is certain: there will be changes again. The audience should be curious.

The host

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