Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moon Magic@Asmita Marwa


There she stood, in the midst of the busy, starlit flea market... this beautiful gypsy woman bathed in moonlight. Every line on her face reflected deep thought, mystery and intensity, her expressive eyes telling you stories of her travels across oceans and boundaries. She
passed by me, caressing my thoughts and evoking a sense of awe for the
extraordinary life she has lived.

Thus was born Moon Magic. Where I explore diverse prints, textures and fabrics reflecting the myriad cultures and places that she may have wandered to, in search of the true meaning of life. The dreamlike collage of Japanese floral prints, hand quilted patchwork jackets and old pieces of mirror-work are a tribute to the eclectic spirit of life. The recurring motif I have used – of the beautiful, earthy women that famous artist Vaikuntam breathed life into – celebrates womanhood. While the synergy of contrasting fabrics and materials,
creates the vibe of an urban gypsy.

Stitching together all of these thoughts is the embroidered "Aham Brahmasmi", the underlying belief of this collection. It means I am Brahman.... I am God... a part of the universal life force. This soulful collection is for the eternal wanderer and truth seeker that
exists in all of us…

Asmita Marwa is an Indian fashion designer, rated by Vogue as one of nine top up-and-coming international designers.


Marwa began designing clothes in Hyderabad in the 1990s. She was the first Hyderabad designer to enter the Telugu film industry. Numerous actors, including Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Preity Zinta, Anjala Zaveri, Shriya, Mahesh Babu, Tabu, Asin, Charmy, and Anushka, have worn her clothes, in movies like Manmadhudu, Santhosham, Premante Idera, Arjun, Attadu, Pokiri, and Gharshana.
In December 2003 Marwa launched a fashion label, Asmita, sold through her signature store Reves d’Etoile and at "xlnc" in Hyderabad and "Aza" in
Mumbai and Delhi. Marwa's designs for Asmita featured in the Blenders Pride Fashion Fringe Show in 2004. In 2008 She Took Part In The Lakme India Fashion Week.

Lakmé Fashion Week:March/April; 2008 The collection "Gaia-An Awakening" Fall Winter March 2009 'Maya and her Jaggery Knots' was Asmita Marwa's third collection, which combined diverse elements like Khadi, Antique Banaras, Tartan Checks, Telugu Calligraphy and giant roses.

For many years Marwah wrote a style column in the Hyderabad Times

Marwah is married to businessman Harvesh Marwah and has a son Karan Aryaman Marwaha.

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