Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fashion Evening titled "Sumptuous Streets" on Friday-13th April 07 at Pegs N Pints, Forte Grand, New Delhi

Fashion Evening titled "Sumptuous Streets" on Friday-13th April 07 at Pegs N Pints, Forte Grand, New Delhi
Pegs N Pints - the split-level bar in Chanakya Puri - was all set to host the fashion and fun filled evening which had three sequences with three different themes Where the fashion runway met the dance floor as club goers dance to high-energy music and watched city models strut the latest look and style
We were happy to be a part of the Show and Fun. As Media Publicist's we were invited at the Show. Much pleased with the whole idea of Show and Drinks at a PNP. I gathered my video and camera and rolled down to the venue where consumed lot of drinks, Since (The drinks and food were on the house.) and danced the floor of with one of my buddies. Next to me was Rohit Bal in his full mood swing dancing and sharing much talks with everyone on the floor.
Intimate talks and Professional discussions, with eyes wandering everywhere Good for everyone I guess.
This Show was held by young NIFT Fashion student Designer's Rashmi and Mayank. at Pegs and Pints, as the couturier styled their look for the paparazzi and gave them invaluable advice.
Seen at the Event were Rohit Bal and Nikhil Khanna ,City models Nazneen and Vikram Sahaiwere. Couturier Rohit Bal was present to judge the show and award the most creative acts.

After a Belly dancing act by Meher Malik, the Runaway show kicked off; There was everyone on the dance floor holding on to their drinks, shaking their booty on the music spun by DJ Vaibhav. While designers presented their showcase collection.

"This should make the pub more fashion-friendly"- with cool music and lighting effects, Pegs N Pints sure has a great deal to offer to the fashion community!

Our Belly Dancer Meher Malik, who is presently learning salsa at the Salsa India Dance Company (SIDC), also teaches belly dancing . Says Meher, "People have a lot of pre-conceived notions about this dance, that they need to get rid of. There are women, who come to me wanting to learn this art form simply to impress their hubbies with some 'enticing' moves," says she. This exotic dance not only makes you feel confidant but also ultra-feminine, adds Meher. Unlike other dance forms where you need to have a partner, the fluidity of this sensual dance, gives you the freedom to do your own thing.

Paparazzi mingled with guests. City's party pack perched on their heels to get a glimpse of funky apparel, leggy models and the requisite ogling dudes. The bare-chested male models in shorts and linen trousers elicited wolf whistles while miniskirt-clad babes sent the men into overdrive! & Not to Miss the Belly Dancer. Ooh la la. (Awesome Dance)
It was the Celebration of a Fashion Evening
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