Monday, April 23, 2007

RAFW - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Sydney - RAHUL & FIRDOS.

RAFW - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Sydney

Rahul Mishra & Samar Firdos

In the process of design we have to provide answers for a rather pressing concern – how to create contemporary forms of expression that reinforce rather than destroy links with the past – to preserve the traditional idiom and maintain its relevance with a fresh design aesthetic. To enhance, integrate and strengthen traditional textiles with the contemporary design keeping the aesthetics of the traditional fabric of Bhagalpur and bandhini of Bhuj. The main focus is on value addition and augmenting the demand of handloom products and bandhini. Also this collection represents the responsibility to save our Indian Textile Heritage along with giving employment to the craft persons and weavers of our country.

Value addition in the fabric as required for functionality, in terms of surface embellishments or printing. Suitable designs in fabric and garment, keeping the clients in mind.
The vision of this project is to promote hand looms in domestic and international markets where the machines are threats, in terms of efficiency, capacity and Quality.
For the bandhini garments the craft used was elasticity of the garment so that one size could fit different sizes.

Emphasis has been put on durability of every product. High quality of finishing and lasting color dyes, plus weaves that make the fabric stronger. The silk has been woven in such a way that it can be used in summer. The tactile feel is luxurious. Color combinations are sophisticated and elegant.

The whole collection is based on the user demand. The silhouettes are basic, but the emphasis has been given on the method of construction through use of unconventional techniques. The garments are dresses, evening gowns, tunics etc.

We have tried to engineer the garment by eliminating the darts from the garment and made it in a way that can fit to various sizes. The garments designed are for the Spring Summer, 07’. Basically we have used dresses that are comfortable and fit well with the aesthetic value.

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