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Smirnoff Black Couture Pour Homme by Arjun Khanna

The Character
- Smiroff Black, Born in a copper pot-still that is over a hundred years old, Smirnoff Black is a unique vodka with unique character. It harkens back to the time of the Czars, when all vodka was created in small batches. Smirnoff Black No. 55 is a tribute by Smirnoff to the traditional copper-pot distillation so enjoyed by Russia's aristocracy and Tzars, yet combining with modern methods of production.

Arjun Khanna's Smirnoff Black Couture Pour Homme captures the essence of Russian passion through a blockbuster all-male collection held at The Grand on Thursday evening 19 April, design and fabric being the highlights. Smirnoff Black No. 55, using the Russian tradition of small batch, copper pot distillation to create vodka with a distinct character. This high end luxury couture evolves from Smirnoff Black's partnership with veteran Menswear Designer Arjun Khanna to give expression to the Smirnoff Black brand and reflect its Russian passion.
Arjun Khanna's unabashed liking for men. As a market. Arjun is one of the few designers in India who actually make clothes for the male population. Since census statistics claim that there are more of us in this country than there are women, you'd thing there'd be more choice for us. Hell, no. For every men's wear collection at Fashion Week, there are fifteen for the female form. At Arjun's show, there are a few women on the ramp, but they are incidental. It's the men in jackets and boots who call the shots. Well, almost.

Collection - The Collection is inspired by Russia's Cossack and Siberian looks. The detailing, embellishments and trimming reflect the Russian theme. Since there's a Russian theme to the evening, it's a troupe of Cossack dancers in their jackboots who have the crowd clapping. Evening's sponsored by Smirnoff Black, giving a twist to the term Black Russian.

Delhi, April 19: After-Party rocked till 3 a.m.
Smirnoff Black Couture Pour Homme bash at The Grand.
were Asif Adil, Santosh Kanekar ,Vijay Arora ,Divya Gurware ,Grasim Mr. India runners-up Umar Sharif, Amrita Arora ,Isha Kopikar ,Rohit Sakhuja ,Gaurav Gupta, Designers Varun Bahl ,Suneet Varma ,Sushma Bharadwaj ,Hans Sachdev , Samarth ,Akshaya Chauhan ,Models Ajay Balhara, Sahil Shroff, Gautam Bhirani, Siddharth Malhotra, Rajat Chanderilal, and Tarun Arora .
Event Timings: 8.30 pm - The Perfect Serve, 10.00 pm - Unveiling of the Collection, 10.30 pm - Black Release Party.
With his new Menswear Collection, Arjun managed to bring a similar sense of irresistibility back home to the runway. "Smirnoff Black Couture Pour Homme," the title of his latest collection, suggested a dialogue between Smirnoff Black vodka and Russia's Cossack-Siberian heritage. Silhouettes. Narrow trousers, sherwanis and bandhgalas had his signature flair. The infusion of evening details—fine crushed velvets, wools, silks, and leather texturized with suede cutwork and embroidery.

Rajneesh Duggal wearing midnight black bandhgala with a tasseled embroidered shawl had opulent connotations. Post-Dinner : heightened with DJ Pearl .On Serve were: Russian Passion and Siberian Frost. Talking about Smirnoff Black's association with Arjun Khanna, Asif Adil, Managing Director, Diageo India, said, "Smirnoff Black has been crafted to offer an original taste experience that can be enjoyed neat, frozen or in cocktails. Similarly, the overall styling and surface treatment of the Smirnoff Black Pour Homme collection are reminiscent of Cossack glory while superb tailoring and bold cuts brings one back to modern styling."
The overall styling and surface treatment of the collection are reminiscent of the Cossack glory while superb tailoring and bold cuts bring one back to modern day trends.

Taking the garments into another level of sublime yet avant-garde, there is an element of bold fun in the design that runs through the entire line. Arjun delivers a winning collection once again with unconventional twists given to timeless silhouettes. Variations on interestingly cut trousers complete the look of flamboyance for the man who has a passion for classic yet "new age" fashion!

Arjun Khanna's forte has always been impeccable, high end tailored looks for luxury couture garments.
Crushed velvets, wools, silks, leather, and suede cutwork, Arjun's models intend to set out on a Russian Odyssey. Expect luxury couture garments in his signature style comes forth in the varied silhouettes. i.e. the trademark "Arjun Khanna Bundgala", single and double breasted jackets, suits, sherwanis, and flamboyant trousers. Arjun's powers of translation transform even the cheesiest souvenirs into covetable pieces; there will be nothing folksy about the detailing, embellishments and trimming, heightened by the play with 'black' , black aubergine, black blue, black teal, with the linings in 'shot black'.

Like his last superhit collection "The New Indian Maharaja", Arjun has successfully brought together the domain of creativity and formal attire design by merging them into new dynamic styles to once again present new fashion statements and versatile style attitudes for men.

In keeping with his signature looks, the collection has a structured, tailored look but with a touch of cool funk where the realm of passion and skill for design intersect. The accent on Black makes a bold new statement this season.
According to Arjun Khanna, "Today men are more adventurous with their wardrobe and dress with remarkable intelligence and awareness. Fashion and comfort are emphasized not only at the physical level but also in the emotional acceptance of good looks and taste, reflecting a feeling of self confidence."

The SMIRNOFF BLACK COUTURE POUR HOMME by Arjun Khanna unveiled on 3rd February 2007 in Mumbai at Hilton Towers at a Fashion Extravaganza to launch Smirnoff Black. Minissha Lamba looked lovely in a polka-dotted creation, and Mahima Chaudhary too came out of self-imposed hibernation for the do. Also present were the beauteous Simone Singh and hubby Fahad Samar, Queenie Dhody and other society butterflies.

Arjun Khanna

From textbooks filled with doodles of collars, cuffs women's faces later translate into stylish 'fashion illustrations' creating collections. The romance gave birth to the ARJUN KHANNA label - a passionate love affair with Fashion. A London graduate, Arjun established his label in Bombay, in 1990. With a belief that clothes should be beautiful, classic and wearable, Flatter the human form, not detract from it, and enhance the wearer's personality. The Label maintains a trademark of exquisite embroidery, fine finish & clean styling that is contemporary, ensuring that his garments become classics. Clothes breather that very Reminiscent of Indian Antiquity. Retaining contemporary style; his usage of colors & decorative detailing combined to form the unmistakable Arjun Khanna signature style. Label dresses both women and men with equal finesse. Being the first to start men's wear in the country, Always considered very avant-garde in his vision, Arjun truly has the essence of style, The Arjun Khanna label has become a name to reckon with today.

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For over a century, SMIRNOFF(r) has produced premium quality, triple-distilled vodka. Today, SMIRNOFF(r) is the world's number one premium distilled spirit, with distribution in 130 countries and a number of popular products, including SMIRNOFF ICE , the world's leading ready-to-drink alcohol beverage, SMIRNOFF BLACK ICE and the SMIRNOFF TWIST(tm) flavored vodkas.
SmirnOff Black No.55
Diageo India launched Smirnoff Black No 55 vodka in the Indian market on February 3 this year, giving it a brand in the super-premium segment of the white spirits market. Smirnoff Black is imported from Russia, as it is one of the few premium vodkas to be made and bottled in Russia using traditional methods. For the launch, Diageo has roped in fashion designer Arjun Khanna, who launches a luxury couture collection using rich fabrics, wool, fur and velvet. The brand will be first introduced in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, followed by Uttar Pradesh. Asif Adil, MD, Diageo said, "With Smirnoff Black, we are launching an authentic Russian brand using fashion as a platform and Captain Morgan will help revolutionise the Indian rum market." Smirnoff Black is being positioned as the super-premium vodka (priced at Rs 1,450 for a 70 cl bottle) and in India will compete with Moet Henessey's Belvedere and V&S's Absolut. Diageo has an array of activities lined up to promote the product and intends to do shows with Khanna in Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow and Amritsar apart from Mumbai.

Diageo launched a stylish new bottle for Smirnoff Black No. 55 vodka; the premium vodka from the Smirnoff portfolio, which is made using a centuries-old method of copper pot distillation*.
As a result of the authentic copper pot distillation used to make Smirnoff Black, the vodka has a distinctive mellow character with a lasting, rounded smoothness and is often enjoyed neat or frozen in martinis. Due to the intensity of its character, it is also well suited to shorter cocktails.

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Check above for Delhi & for Mumbai Event Pics with SmirnOff Black No.55 Bottle, and Advertisement Campaign by JWT for SmirnOff (print campaign) India for Smirnoff Green Apple Twist shows it's the same old story but with a new twist. Ads and credits inside.) - Credits:Agency: JWT INDIA Creative Director: Senthil Kumar & Debu PurkayashtaArt Director: Debu Purkayashta & Hital Pandya , Copywriter: Senthil Kumar & Arkadyuti Basu

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