Wednesday, July 15, 2009

14 oz. Presents THE MEGAPOLIS TOUR/ Ma. Strum and Dockers - BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN

Timeless and wearable functionality
Ma. Strum and Dockers move into the 2nd floor at the 14 oz. store during BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN
In the course of social change over the last few years, many end-consumers have developed a stronger desire for authenticity and sustainability.The 14 oz. Store has recognised this trend very early on and, since its opening in July 2008, has made it its priority to present brands whose philosophy is based on values such as tradition, originality and authenticity.14 oz. is very happy to present the label Ma.Strum as part of the leading fashion trade fare BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN framework: Ma.Strum will be exhibiting its current menswear collection from Juy 1st - July 3rd, 2009 on the 2nd floor of 14 oz. Under management of Donrad Duncan, the label combines classic, traditional cuts with innovative high-tech materials and so creates optimal wearability and clear, timeless fashion kudos.Duncan, the former creative director for the line Victorinox/ Swiss Army, continues on the heritage of the great Massimo Osti (Stone Island, Cp Company) with his own menswear collection Ma.Strum. The functional timelessness of his designs inspires a broad, fashion conscious audience that places equal importance on sustainability, value and wearability alike. Alongside Ma.Strum, Dockers ® will present its K1-Khaki Museum in the premises. The brand Dockers ® has a long history and tradition to show for itself: since 1906, Levi's, under the label Sunset (later Dockers), has produced Chinos. Its comfortable ease of wear combined with the casual aesthetic has made this design a timeless fashion classic, surpassing short term trends till this day. Dockers ® K1 - Limited Edition picks up on the design of the Chino from the late 30s and has now brought out a very limited edition of 1000 pair worldwide.With its K - 1 Limited Edition, Dockers ® displays half a century of Khaki history on the 2nd floor of 14 oz. Special guest Sir Henry Lumsden III. will take you on a journey through time – from the origin of K - 1 through to its design interpretation today." We are very pleased that Ma.Strum and Dockers ® have decided to present their collection to an international industry clientele on the exclusive 2nd floor of the 14 oz. premises during BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN", states Karl-Heinz Müller. "The extraordinary collection, designed from the original design drafts, fits in perfectly with the remarkable and very exclusive setting of the 14 oz. 2nd floor." The 2nd floor belonging to 14 oz convinces through its outstanding and classic timeless interior. The total of four rooms of the restored apartment each resemble a certain motto. The vintage room’s hand-laid riveted floor and original trellised-cupboard takes you back in time, the lady’s salon enchants with pastel tones and original Biedermeier furniture and the men’s salon evokes an atmosphere of an old British club, endowed with a Persian rug and a Chesterfield suite.The special ambience perfectly matches the labels build on tradition – Ma.Strum and Dockers ®: authentic collections meet an exclusive stage. Dockers Khaki Museum and the Ma.Strum collection exhibit 14 oz. Store 2nd Floor Neue Schönhauser Str. 13 10178 Berlinwww.14oz-berlin.comStore Manager Daniel Werner PR & Marketing Mosch Khanedani fon: +49 (0) 30 280 40 537

14 oz. Presents THE MEGAPOLIS TOUR
Big opening of an exhibition series presenting young and urban international photography.The Megapolis Tour will introduce the 14 cities destined to be the largest by 2020. Different photographers will each choose a city and present their personal view of the so-called “Megapolis” landscape: its architecture, its youth, its feel, its trends and movements…On a monthly term we will portray exciting cities such as Lagos, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and many more. The exhibition series kicks off with New York City – seen through the eyes of Peer Kugler.We cordially invite you to join the vernissage of this extraordinary exhibition.Wednesday, July 1st, 2009, from 7 - 9 pm14 oz. storeNeue Schönhauser Str. 1310178 Berlin, Germany+49(0)30/28040514
www.14oz-berlin.comwww.megapolistour.comA Project by s1 architektur and barthouse culture concepts,under the patronage of Fourteen Ounce Berlin GmbH (14 oz.).

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