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Lakme Fashion Week - Summer Resort, Day 3, 7/3/10

Shantanu-Nikhil - The duo will be presenting their young, sport-inspired line of garments titled ‘S&N’, under the exclusive Adidas Style Essentials line. Casual wear line with footwear, accessories and apparel, reflecting the style statement followed by teenagers. Fresh colours, silhouettes and styles define the new collection with apparel, footwear and accessories for both men and women. An amalgamation of the original S&N style of drapes with a sporty influence. Celebrating a decade in the fashion industry this year. Baptized as ‘Moto Chic’, inspired from the black and yellow diagonal stripe caution boards, New York City cars, people and energy on the streets.Checkered details have been used extensively in the garments. Keeping in mind the young, and the well-travelled, the experimental global Indian. Our philosophy of strong tailored silhouettes and drapes, both for men and women, will be high on style. Targeting the fashion-alert youth, the collection is chic and modish with a fresher and brighter colour palette, giving a break to the dull neutrals. The assortment is divided into three lines namely Urban Traveller, Tee Time and City Bike. The cuts allow comfort as well as utility; for women, the tops are fitted on waist and longer in length, lending a lean look. For men, the tees highlights well fitted shoulders and bicep hugging sleeves, with interesting hidden details like printed tapes, loops, mobile pockets, mesh insets and more. The collection offers a diverse range of tops, t-shirts, polo-necks, tunics, track pants, shirts, skirts and shoes along with accessories comprising bags
Show; 5 PM

Neelanjan Ghosh with the theme inspired from ‘Colonial Influence on Kolkata- past or present’. “Babu, Bibi Aar Keta” “The title reflects on the theme, literally as well as conceptually. The motifs used are both visual and iconographic representation of how Kolkata has a strong Colonial influence on every aspect of life and how it has blended to become an indigenous 'Kolkata-ian' culture. Using edgy and hard drapes and strategic placement of pleats and tucks. Using light fabrics and the 3-D feel to the Silhouettes has been credited to creative and smart patternmaking keeping in mind the commercial viability as well as extremely fashionable free thinking - subtle hint of deconstruction. Chanderi, cotton silk and cotton striped fabrics have been played with light thread embroidery and bold appliqués. Motifs like Durga faces, horse carriages, vintage cameras, boats, fishes, playing cards, Buckingham Palace guards, Burlington checks used for embroidery n hues of teal, charcoal, navy, olive, brown, wine bottle green, grey with bold appliqués and multi striped borders using bright colours. Targeting the well travelled, fashion conscious, elderly clientele. with a deconstructed look of the models.

With motifs that wove icons of the city, the garments had a contemporary 3D feel with interesting drapes and cleverly placed pin tucks and pleats with a touch of deconstruction which revealed the designer’s use of innovative designing. Easy comfortable feel with Chanderies, striped cottons and silks which were embellished with appliqués and resham work. In shades of olive, brown, jade, grey, charcoal, navy and teal, images of Durga faces, Burlington checks, Buckingham Palace guards, playing cards, fish, boats, vintage cameras, and horse carriages came alive on the garments in the form of appliqués and prints. Intricate designing with double lapels, trousers looped to shirts lots of drop crotch cowled pants saris with wide embroidered borders teamed with empire line coats or low lapel coat dresses. Add-ons like cowl scarves and drapes at the shoulder of dresses gave a retro Raj look. Men’s wear was as picturesque with cross over blouson kimono shirts, kurtas with multi fabrics and appliqués all over and jackets that had some intricate designing for the lapels, shoulders and pockets. Collars were exaggerated and there was a marked rear interest for the women’s wear.

Show; 1:30 PM

Asmita Marwa -‘Maya' - ‘Boho Resort’. inspired Collection meant for the all free-spirited globetrotters who are Bohemian at heart and also have dreams which are limitless. Lady - independent and confident enough to wear a drape with the same sanguine ease as a pair of Samurai paints and shorts & her wardrobe is perfect example of diversity mixed and matched in quirky abandon. imagination of every modern women is matched perfectly with checks, tie and dye & roses in shades of leisure coming together to tell a story on a canvas of muslin, linens & chiffons. Working around long lean silhouettes in cotton, linen and mull; inspired from Turkish styling, with touches of Indian tradition. Splashed with kalamkari in red, mustard, yellow, olive and earth tones blended with ivory, beige and tea (Vibrant Turkish markets)for stylish day wear garments. Hip belts with attached side pockets with jumpsuits, skirts and dresses Kalamkari print on yokes, pockets, bibs & dresses. Crinkled fabrics, at times crushed carefully for asymmetric tunics & skirts added to the summer silhouettes.
Show; 3 PM

Amalraj Sengupta's Collection ‘Decode’- caters to the young generation who are ready to wear something different. Elders are not expected to be experimental with their clothing.” Inspired from the action packed movie ‘Transformers’; the designer has worked out his garments and creations on a theme of transforming the garments comprising both menswear and womenswear (which can be transformed). Quirky and wearable structured ensemble with surface orientation with quilting and stitch lines highlighted with detailing comprising piping & open metal zippers. Neutral colour palette consisting of grey, black, white with a tinge of blue. A blend of modernity and futurism. Helmet covers and dark and chic sunglasses accessorize the whole theme.”

An excitement by giving some interesting changes on the catwalk for the garments which were quite unique. Made from pure linen, the outfits on the ramp transformed from bags to jackets and reversed around from short to long or ended up having four armholes to effect quick change. With excellent innovative construction techniques, Amalraj Sengupta projected on the ramp a line which was a clever use of fabrics, style, cuts and extreme pattern making.

Show; 12:00 PM

Vijay Balhara unveils his collection called Borala Nautch derived from two words Borala and Nautch- the first word refers to the ornamentation which rural women in the North use as headgears while, and the later has been derived from the word Sanskrit word, Nritya. Borrowing the inspiration from the culture of the performing art of Nautch dance style performed by young girls known as Nautch Girls which finally rose to prominence during the latter half of Mughal Empire and went on to become a rage with the Princely states and Nawabs .Collection is replete of rural silhouettes, motifs and the culturally rich clothing style of the Nautch Girls. I have tried to blend it with subtle contemporary elements to suit the style of urban women. Glamorizing the fabric cotton and urbanizing the Rural Chic giving an exotic look to the contemporary Indian women wear. Shade highlights of ivory cream, beige, yellow, orange, fuchsia pink and gold, with fabrics like satin to add sheen to the garment and also mul or voil to bring out the transparency of the ensembles. Silhouettes comprise skirts, tunics, churidaar pants, dresses, jumpsuits, shrugs and caps embellished with rural Indian block printing motifs. The USP is the organic colour prints.Detailing and embellishments on & around Cords, loops, potli buttons, loops and gold sequined craft, gold sequined kantha work, resham thread embroidery, pipe work or cut daana work are slated to create an ambience of rural village with a contemporary touch to it (as simple embellishments). Models will be accessorized to complement the rustic beauty of rural India with big headgears.

The choice of fabrics Added a story of transparency and solids. It was a collection that brought together the glitz and glory of rural Indian with western chic.

Creating an interesting rustic line, there were batwing olive cotton jumpsuit, racer back anarkali tunic with gold kantha work, cape jacket, two tiered yellow tunic with tassels and a one shoulder jumpsuit with brocade polka dots, had the inspiration of the collection very cleverly woven into the silhouettes.

It was a feminine traditional line with very contemporary touches in perfect harmony.

Show; 12:00 PM

Swapnil Shinde Showcasing the 2nd edition of his SS line showcased at LFW in Sep 2009. "The Transformers" movie inspired Summer Resort is Inspired from video games, derived from techno inspirations, portraying a futuristic look. Iconographic images, transformers, pop icons - a collection that accentuates robotic and android like pictures. Part of hot wheel cars in some parts of the garments have been used. Keeping in mind the mechanic effect.- a mix of detailing and techniques from pleating, layering, acrylic cut work and hand work embroidery designed in hexagonal shapes juxtaposed with crystals and sequins. Embellishments with paneled detailing with in numerous pieces of fabrics stitched together. 200 pieces of fabrics stitched together in one garment, highlighted with uniquely developed acrylic embroideries. Fabrics: cotton with lycra cotton and chiffons; all infused together with patent leather placed on the fabric with the use of laser cutting. Shades of beige, satin grey; aqua.

Show; 3 PM

Anand Bhushan - ‘RUST’ is an ode to winter fairytale widows & soldiers (sombre and deep ). Rusted foliage on tombstones, Uniform’s stripes and antique wallpaper’s patterns. 3D surfaces, abstract patterns and luxurious reliefs blend into the murky hues of chocolate, wine, beige, burnt lilacs and greys. Silhouettes: more of Straight Line Clean garments with the usage of finest of fabrics like Silk Taffeta, Luxurious Wool and a lot of chunky knitwear, heavily textured pieces, reflecting rusted flora & fauna combined with intricate embroidery details. Collection exhibits a play of sharp cuts, embellishments and surface detailing indicative of high voltage glamour and luxury.

Matching colours which remained dull with chocolate, wine, and grey, beige and burnt lilac; being the palette for taffeta, rich wool and heavy knits. Garments intricately textured with 3D flowers and embroidery detailing. Silhouettes-simple and basic allowing the surface treatment to take centre stage. An appealing distinct touch of haute luxury. Dresses, short jackets and coats allowing the construction and the intricate embellishments to be the focal point of each garment. The show opened with a full foliage jacket and woollen sweater. Leaf embroidery restricted to the pencil skirts of the dresses, while pleats appeared neatly at the back of the silk zip dress. Lavish bead-work but in muted tones, an opulent gold threadwork on the boyfriend jacket .Tucks given gently to give fullness to the skirts and the final rusted foliage wool jacket with flecks of gold was a end result of finishing, embellishment techniques and design. High on fashion with that sharp edgy stylish feel form the designer.

Show: 1;30 PM

Harangad Singh - An embellished eclectic theme based on the Celtic arts and myths and was called “Seanta”. Using natural fibres and delicate colours of the spring flowers, Harangad had a mélange of creations with hand work, crafts, customized textiles and handlooms that moved from Mashru, matka silk, organza in drapes and interesting cuts that added style to the garments. Pretty mini dresses in shades of pink, lavender, lilac, crème had interesting detailing like relaxed cowls, pleats and tucks which were often finished with light quilting on the hemline. Embellishments were restrained with delicate appliquéd flowers strewn carefully on the simple silhouettes.

Pretty mini dresses in shades of pink, lavender, lilac, crème had interesting detailing like relaxed cowls, pleats and tucks which were often finished with light quilting on the hemline. Embellishments were restrained with delicate appliquéd flowers strewn carefully on the simple silhouettes.

The show stopper Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel in a brown velvet jacket with a jauntily tied matching organza scarf at the neck.

Show; 12 PM

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Show; 7 PM

Narendra Kumar
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Show; 9 PM

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