Monday, May 03, 2010

Christopher Esber - RAFW - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, 3rs May, 2010, Day 1, 8.30 PM


Christopher approaches fashion in both a logical and experimental mind, and constantly develops new ideas for fabric in structure and embellishment;
developing modern options for women through experimental refined tailoring and off beat pieces.

To the everyday person, the sight of a woman dashing past in a suit, stockings, white sports socks and trainers is just another picture that makes up the blur of the daily commute. But to fashion designer Christopher Esber, this banal scene was the starting point for his SS2010/2011 collection.

The 2007 Ultimo TAFE Fashion Design graduate isn’t one to shy away from the complex. Previous designs have featured complicated pattern cutting inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and artist M.C. Escher. This season sees no respite. Although inspired by something so straightforward as an office worker’s garb, it is actually the process of then clarifying his subsequent thinking that has challenged the designer.

Esber insists his ideas are, “very fluid and the process is much formulated.” The son of a Mathematics and Science teacher, he approaches his work methodically. “Design first, [then] fabrication options, all throughout the patternmaking process.

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