Friday, September 24, 2010

Aftershock 'Fall 2010'

Aftershock, the London based women’s luxury apparel brand has come out with beautiful bracelets for women this fall 2010.

The Aftershock Collection redefines British luxury. The Collection is a fusion of exotic and vibrant styles designed in London which in itself is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. The range is both timeless and ageless. Women of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy wearing an Aftershock piece of clothing or accessory, knowing it has been produced to strict ethical standards. Aftershock, London prides itself in being one of the few international fashion houses to do this. Mothers and daughters can shop together at Aftershock, finding treasures throughout the collections. Aftershock, London is fashion's best kept secret!

Mr. Dheeraj Harjani, Creative Director of Aftershock London, the luxury women’s apparel brand based out in London. Mr. Dheeraj Harjani, is the world’s youngest creative director & has expanded the span of Aftershock’s business all throughout the globe. Under Mr. Dheeraj Harjani’s guidance & perseverance, Aftershock has firmly established itself in the fashion market as a premium brand. Aftershock currently has over 50 stores and concessions in the UK and Europe plus stores all over the Middle East and South Africa. Aftershock was one of the youngest and most dynamic British brands to receive an award by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain in 2004. The brand continues to grow via its own stores, successful franchise programme and with quality department stores both nationally and internationally.Dheeraj H.R Harjani developed Aftershock's webstore and spent over two years researching and finding the right programmers and resources needed to create a reliable, fast and easy-to-use e-commerce platform. 

He says "I grew up in a factory with beaders sewing and piecing together the latest Aftershock creations. I felt I needed to get the message to the world that every design is handcrafted intensively with due care and attention. I also felt I needed to support my parents who've had to put up with me for so long!" In a matter of months without any formal business training - he has seen the company grow to become one of the most sought after brands online and in the fashion industry.

He believes the success is based on challenging an industry where luxury online retailers charge excessive prices for apparel and Aftershock can offer stunning and exclusive designs at more accessible prices. "We live to deliver luxurious products using the finest fabrics and you don't need to break the bank to look like you've just come off the catwalk!"

The company estimates it ships an item of clothing or accessory every few minutes round the clock, and is gradually helping women to find the "perfect piece" to suit their needs. "We have a unique selling point in that this is the only place where you'll able to buy selected styles from the latest Aftershock Prêt-à-Porter Collection and exclusive one-off haute couture pieces from the Aftershock Gold Collection. It happens here online before anywhere else in the world!"

Dheeraj, has quickly established himself as an expert on emerging small enterprise in the UK, and is often asked to comment on matters shaping independent retailers for national newspapers and broadcasters. He was appointed the new Creative Director of the brand shortly after the website's launch and remains the youngest Creative Director of any international fashion house.

He also oversees marketing and franchise functions in the UK and abroad. "The marketing function is so integral to the maintenance of the site and sustaining the interest of existing and new shoppers that I simply couldn't ignore it. We also operate a successful franchise programme and need to provide the necessary support and coordination to all our overseas stores. What better way than logging into an e-commerce site to see the latest store and press information straight at your fingertips?"

Asked who his fashion idol is he says "No one in particular. I just love it when people have their own sense of style. After all, what is most important in a dress is the lady who's wearing it right? Fashion brands that were once or still are family owned that I admire include Missoni and Gucci. One quote that comes to mind from the Gucci family slogan is: 'Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.' In the same way I believe it's essential our customers feel the same way about the quality, design and experience when purchasing an Aftershock piece of clothing or accessory-something they simply can't live without!"

Aftershock is a globally successful, multi award-winning fashion label who's story originates in London in 1985. It is a luxury British brand and is one of the leading designers, retailers and manufacturers of exquisite handcrafted womenswear and accessories. Aftershock's fashion signature is the use of exuberant colour schemes and beautiful design work and offers an array of the finest intricately beaded ladies wear, casual wear as well as stunning accessories to complement the collection.

Celebrity followers include Madonna, Helen Mirren and Katherine Jenkins to name but a few. The cornerstones of all Aftershock's collections are its prints, shapes and intricate handiwork; the majority of which are made on varieties of luxurious and natural fibres such as silk, satin, and soft cottons. True to the brand's British heritage, the collections also incorporate traditional fabrics and classic vintage designs.

Aside from the fabulous cuts and quality fabrics synonymous with Aftershock's clothes, great attention is paid to finish and details with trims and fastenings made to the highest specifications. Aftershock's signature colours for its clothes are a mix of strong highlights that compliment monochrome classics. Each collection is influenced by the seasonal catwalk trends and often contains archive-inspired pieces that have been developed and contemporised.

The Aftershock fall collection ranges between Rs 7,000 to Rs 30,000. The collection is available at the Aftershock store, Store F-29, 1st floor, Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi.

Aftershock: the perfect marriage of innovative designs and luxurious fabrics...its time to let your wardrobe blossom.

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