Friday, April 29, 2011

Aleona Invelito - Spring Summer - RAFW 2012

Women dress alike all over the World; They dress to be annoying to other Women" Elsa Schiaparelli (Fashion Designer)

This Summer Range speaks elegance, beauty with unmistakable romantic feel, offering tailored fit and impeccable finishing.

Beauty and Femininity are ageless and can't be contrived, and Glamor is based on Femininity"
Marilyn Monroe (Actress)

Aleona Invelito Spring/Summer 2012 is inspired by freedom, romance and nature. Light and airy like a cotton flower, yet functional and perfect for many occasions. These clothes are designed for a successful, independent young woman, who amongst juggling life’s everyday tasks and challenges leaves room for a dream to escape the seriousness of her grown up life.

"They carried the sleeping girl to a pretty spot beside the river, far enough from the poppy field to prevent her breathing any more of the poison of the flowers, and there they laid her gently on the soft grass and waited for the fresh breeze to waken her." The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This summer the Aleona Invelito girl spends weekends shopping, catching up with girlfriends for a brunch on a yacht or at her favorite cafe in the city and then goes to a party with her boyfriend at night. She might be working a deadline on Friday and catching an interstate flight to be at her sister’s engagement celebration on Saturday. Whatever the occasion to dress up may be, she is sure to be feminine and beautiful!

But then,shall I never get any older than I am now? That'll be a way - never to be old woman - but then - always to have lessons to learn" Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Aleona Invelito

A self titled label, created by a Ukrainian born designer, who was submerged into the world of fashion and fine tailoring from a very young age.

Aleona was formally trained in Fashion Design at Melbourne School of Fashion, after migrating with her family to Australia in 2004. Combining love for beautiful fabrics and gracious silhouettes with thorough perfection and passion to make every design unique, she is now offering her debut collection. Every design breathes an unmistakably feminine European feel. These modern, effortless and sophisticated pieces are designed for any occasion, from brunch with a friend to day at the office through to cocktail party.

Aleona Invelito is a young and fresh womenswear label, based and designed in Melbourne using some of the best fabrics Australia, New Zealand and Europe have to offer.

Our designs join an unmistakably feminine European feel with thorough perfection. These modern, effortless and sophisticated pieces are designed for any occasion, from brunch with a friend to day at the office through to cocktail party.

Aleona Invelito has been created with a modern day woman of ages 20 to 40 in mind. We understand her ever changing needs, desires and demands for fashion and style.

Majority of our fabrics contain 100% natural and organic fibers.

Sizes range from 6(AU) to 14 (AU)

The Aleona Invelito customer is independent, intelligent and outgoing, she appreciates quality, beautiful fabrics and attention to detail. She loves the true luxury of wearing a garment made from natural and organic fabrics, the comfortable fit of a dress or the best quality lining. It isn’t just about the style or price for her, she likes the assurance of knowing that all those extra finishing touches have been added with her in mind. True luxury is not just about the style, it is about the feel.

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