Monday, October 07, 2013

ANHAD by Vaishali Shadangule


The world we believe in is a perception of our view point. When the point shifts, it automatically changes the perception. This constant state of change is flow of life, flow of the universe. Humans have the natural tendency to evolve to the greater point to achieve a better perception about the world. From the ages many saints, Sufi's and Spiritual Gurus have tried to reach to the point which never changes because it integrates the Cosmos within. The point is called “ANHAD”.

It is an amazing feeling to interpret this philosophy through this collection.
Layers, silhouettes and details of the garments create a flow through a pattern which keeps changing.

The color story progresses between white, off white, blue, grey and black.
 Carefully chosen hand spun and hand woven Kesa Paat(
Mekhelas/Raw-Silk) of Assam and Khadi and Cotton from Culcutta has played a tremendous role in the Collection.

The whole process of how a complex and difficult hand weaving method creates a fine and smooth fabric describes the flow of energy more than anything else.  They way collection progresses it changes the meaning of white at the end as compare to what it is in the beginning. The surface texturing by hand spun sacred cotton thread (baati) on the garments gives it an eternal feel which helps to relate to it.The collection inherits a point for viewers to relate with it with their own understanding, experience and appeal of the moment.

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