Monday, October 07, 2013

Niharika Pandey's - Back to School

Glamor, Sporty,Bold, Colorful, Grumpy and Sexy are the Signature Synonyms you shall see in the Collection with highlights of maths, chemistry ,pencils symbols etc.

I love details ,especially some sort of embellishment that can transform a garment instantly say's the Designer. It's always good to move out of our comfort zone each season,to learn new things and to challenge your sense.

Exploring the boundaries of place and time,continually inspired by the place and her favorite is childhood. The inspiration for S/S14 started with the 'Back to School' from a fresh mind again with those old days memories, it has everything to very own pencil, bags, school bus, school bell , to chemistry and maths classes.

My brand is for those people who like to make their own entrance.

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