Friday, October 05, 2007

SFW- Singapore Fashion Week 2007

Singapore Fashion Week 2007 (SFW07) will kick-off between 12 and 21 October 2007.

SFW07 is a significant milestone as this marks its 20th annual instalment. Also being the first to be invited to join as a new member of Asia Fashion Federation (founded by China, Korea and Japan), Singapore will be hosting the annual AFF conference. As always, SFW07 will showcase a series of comprehensive fashion-related trade shows featuring the latest designers’ collections, brands/ labels from the region.

“An established entry on the world’s fashion calendar, SFW07 is THE gateway to Asia, bringing together the most established designers/ labels and renowned international buyers for the trade show here in Singapore,” says Mr Patrick Lee, Chairman of SFW07. “Streamlined and focused, we are charging ahead with the largest number of individual designer collections ever assembled together under SFW. Overall participation numbers will also swell as over 100 international delegates are expected at the annual AFF conference and seminar. The three AFF founding countries of China, Japan and Korea will also be represented by their respective top designers to showcase their collections at our gala dinner.”

To further strengthen Singapore’s position as a regional fashion hub, SFW07 is bringing together established as well as up-and-coming international, regional and local brands / labels featuring the latest offerings under one roof for the Spring / Summer 2008 season. With Singapore’s excellent connectivity and infrastructure supporting the sourcing, distribution and supply chain functions of the region’s apparel industries and connecting them to the rest of the world, this event offers exclusive business-to-business opportunities for all.
IE Singapore has been a strong supporter of Singapore Fashion Week for the past two decades and is glad that it is growing in its ability to create business opportunities for international buyers and regional designers. “As our local designers become more sophisticated and buyers become more discerning, SFW must continue to reinvent itself to stay relevant to the supply and demand needs of the global market. It needs to continually find new innovative ways of delivering on its value proposition as a fashion-trading platform. The Access Programme, launched by TaFf in 2005, is an example of finding new ways to create value. IE Singapore congratulates TaFf on the 20th year of SFW and will continue to work with the Association to bring greater market opportunities for our local designers,” says Mrs Tan Li Lin, Director, Lifestyle and Business Services, IE Singapore.

SPRING Singapore has identified manpower, technology innovation, financing and new
markets as the main drivers to sustain enterprise growth. Giving strong backing to the SFW07 under the LEAD programme, SPRING hopes to help local players build capabilities such as design, branding, product and process development, so as to gain better access to international markets. “SFW07 is an opportunity for our local designers and manufacturers to showcase their best designs and capabilities to international buyers,” said Mr Chow Tat Kong, Group Director for Enterprise Development, SPRING Singapore. “It will open up new markets and business prospects for our industry players.”

Other programmes will continue to feature Singapore and regional fashion businesses and designers at different stages of their development. These offer important assistance and useful information to budding undergraduates, fledgling new businesses and even established designers looking to expand regionally and globally.

Participants, designers and trade visitors can expect a diversified and interactive platform to maximise their exposure within and beyond their industry circle and open gateways for more business opportunities.


As the gateway to Asia, Singapore Fashion Week 2007 celebrates its 20th annual instalment from 12th to 21st October 2007. Held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of ASEAN (Association of Souh-East Asian Nations) and the 30th anniversary of AFTEX (ASEAN Federation of Textile Industries), it also marks Singapore’s entry into the AFF (Asia Fashion Federation founded by China, Japan and Korea). Centred and focused to encapsulate both the design and business/trade elements, SFW07 will provide platforms for the various industry segments from budding designers and graduates to established names and players to showcase their latest collections to the local, regional and international markets.
Singapore Fashion Week is organised by: Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore) ,Supported by: International Enterprise Singapore

TOPSHOP & TOPMAN present Fresh! – The Graduate Showcase is organised by Textile & Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf), supported by IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore.

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