Friday, September 11, 2009

Kolkatta Fashion Week II - Day 3 'Designers'

Shweta Chhawcharia
Time: 1:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Magnificent, aesthetic, elegant, trendy, simple yet classy, sophisticated, chic, contemporary… that’s the fashion world of "Shweta", a label introduced by Shweta Chhawchharia, an FDIT graduate from NIFT, Kolkata. The label deals in ready-to-wear Western and Indo-Western attire for women, that bank on comfort with a simple yet stylish approach to cater to the uncompromising, growing needs of The Woman of today. The fabric displays a delicate blend of colours with a versatile range of textures and layers. "Shweta" is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-growing needs of the world of fashion and it is here to stay.SHWETA started her design career under Designer Shantanu Goenka as a part of his design team for 2 years and launched the label "SHWETA" in January 2007 which works on contemporary lines and gets inspired from nothing else but her heart. Silhouette and details of the garment holds a lot of importance, which add to the fabric and colour. She emphasizes on styling, cuts and surface embellishments largely for womenswear.Shweta’s design philosophy emphasizes on simple, wearable and refined outfits for the woman of today, using an eclectic mix of colours, fabrics and textures in keeping with a perfect balance between contemporary fashion and traditional Indian clothing retailing from high fashion stores like Simaaya, Prana and 1Allenby in Kolkata, Aura Nagpur, Amaaya Agra, Fuel Mumbai, Zarah Bangalore.


Earth laughs in flowers and they seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. The sweetest thing god ever made, and forgot to put a soul into it. Inspired by the purity and innocence of a flower, the collection is for the women who like to exhibit confidence through their dressing in a feminine way. Long tunics with printed and embroidered leggings complete the line. Colors flow from ivory into pinks and corel. Floral patterns are created on net with ribbon and cord, twisting and turning them to create a look which will astonish the eye. Layering is the key element along with draped sleeves. Draped georgete Jackets and cowls govern the look. Floral patterns along with geometric complement each other. Flowy feminine fabrics like georgette, chiffon and net with prints along with the ribbon, give the collection a great party look.
Soma Nath

Time: 4:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Observation has an influential touch in the urge to reach perfection. Studying and scrutinizing the palettes and spheres of the ever upgrading lifestyles, designer Soma Nath refreshes the tints of the fashion pure, by her usages of selected and classic ranges of fabrics and the brilliant surface developments, that not only adds the charm and beauty, but also leaves others stare at the glamour defining high fashion. Graduated from NIFD, designer Soma Nath is efficient enough in personalizing any character to bring out the individuality, sensed to be the one amongst the many, using drapes and silhouettes as her key medium, and bringing out the best, in redefining fashion, judging and evaluating all the social aspects, the best the way in serving the concerns of the processes of evaluations, of never ending fashion thoughts and concepts.
Gopal Roy
Time: 4:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)
Chin up and there to look up the works of great architectures as I said to me a thousand times, whenever I feel low.
A watchdog and not much as I realized myself till yet. And learning at every phase. Inspired by the graph of life ups and down , the rise and the fall always draw lines. Thick or thin and between every line there lies a infinite possibilities and I grape to pick up my pick. A Final Year fashion design student from NIFT KOLKATA dreams of a label GOPAL ROY.
Daak is a Bengali word that defines ‘call’. A Call, in any of the rawest forms when given to any, arouses a persons’ thoughts, brings him back to his own self, aspires to fantasize his emotions to personalize himself by his very close spirit. Whenever and in whichever sphere I may , in be, a call to me, pressurizes and bounds me to think myself, characterized through the surroundings demands and needs to response accordingly. This certain call reminds me of the duties and oaths, I had been keeping safe in the closets of the heart of mine, and forces me to act simultaneously to meet the expectations of the so called worldly societies , that has taken the pain to let me survive in any of the conditions that come along my way.. A call to me arouses the extremes of the emotions in me, where in one phase, a dark feel of love for me myself, and a feel of nostalgia and boundness where I , remain for others, to meet others expectations. This dramatic climax felt by one, where oneness balances urges of the rest; remains one of my weaknesses. Daak, the call thus remains my inspiration for executions of my collections..
Soumitra Mondal

Time: 6:00 pm at MSA / (Pala)

Soumitra debuted in the ‘Emerging Designer’ category at the Lakme Fashion Week in Fall- Winter’07 and then showcased his Spring – Summer ’08 collection in ‘Established Designer’ category. Soumitra has become a regular now at the Lakme Fashion Week. Soumitra find his inspiration from Indian art, culture and textile. All products of his labels are exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans of India and minor variations in the pattern are a proof of its authenticity. Fine cotton, linen, rich traditional silk and hand woven fabric are specially used for each collection. Both the background of textile and apparel design brings out the flavour of international design. His focus in on wearability along with simplicity.


Batik and embroidery are the highlights of his prêt collection under his label Forme at the Emami Kolkata Fashion Week Season II. He has used basic, everyday silhouettes and twisted them around, playing with fits and proportions.

Neeta Lulla

Time: 7:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

In different shades and hues of colour, Neeta Lulla fires up a canvas, creating waves across runways and the silver screen worldwide. She entered the fashion world 23 years ago and has played a pivotal role in setting trends ever since. With over 375 films to her credit, she recently extended her design expertise to Hollywood projects. The USP of the brand is its ability to mesh western and Indian silhouettes, prints and designs. The brand that has become a part of the luxury lexicon continues innovating by drawing inspiration from different cultures yet maintaining the quitessential ethnic-oriental feel.


The collection is influenced by tribal, and hence there are lots of beads and colours.

Mona Pali

Time: 9:00 pm at MSA / (Pala)

Mona and Pali share a home and a cause: Designing. The duo gave in to an inner compulsion, a natural aesthetic urge to pursue a dream in design with total dedication and determ ination; thereby opting out of their respective professions. Their clothes are an eclectic mix of design elements inspired from the ethnic cultural roots of India. They have used multifarious embellishment and techniques in ceramic, cord, terra cotta, mouli, ropes, wooden and shellac buttons and gauze. They have experimented with different stitch dye techniques like Shibori, the Japanese dye technique, to create a range, which captured the element of ethereal earthiness on Indian ensembles and saris. A flare for designing and an anclination to do extensive research on the Indian art forms are the guiding force, which help the designers reach the pinnacle of creativity with simple, sophisticated yet chic trendy styles.


Called ‘Untitled’ the collection is influenced by tribal, and hence there are lots of beads and colours. The cuts are contemporary, the sensibilities, essentially Indian.

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