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Van Heusen India Men Fashion Week - Designers

Van Heusen India Mens Fashion Week Delhi (11-12-13,Sep 2009)
Meera & Muzzafar Ali, KOTWARA - "City of Awadh"

This time the influence of the city of Awadh in Collection can be witnessed.with traditional Sherwanis, Achkan, Daglas, Choghas, Kurtas, and Angharkha along with modern derivatives of the Bandgala and variations of the waistcoat. A special version of shirts which will give that chic look to the models.Textures always play a vital role when it comes to traditional and ethnic wear.In this collection, the Awadhi techniques of Aari are applied, which highlight and create subtle textures reminiscent of Art Deco, Central Asian and Persian motifs which have carved out their place in the Indian grammar of design since a long time. Colour palette includes Ivory, Black, Grey and Metallic shades, The treatments given to collection like machine textures, hand embroidered with aari, zardosi and chikan work, quilting and appliqué. Collection created of woven fabrics in silk, wool and mulmul. The collection is aimed at a discerning man who prefers a Classic Timeless Look.Expect to see models styled with sleek hair and an over all Retro look.

Ravi Bajaj - "Dandy March"
With his debut at India Men’s Week Ravi Bajaj will be showcasing his menswear line.The mood is all set, the first ever fashion week solely dedicated to men with his collection titled – Dandy March.“It’s a tailor made for the self-indulgent man, irrespective of his age. This collection targets the young executive to the business head of CEO of a company.”
Collection features jackets & trousers in luxurious fabricsmainly highlighting the hard-edged eighties executive style to the much casual and trendy look that is so in today. The colour palette has plethora of shades like blue, cobalt blue, black, grey and other hues which are mainly known as the masculine colours.

Zubair Kirmani
Modern, sophisticated, clean and minimal, applying to the design aesthetic. Visions of nominal designs & wearable urban style is what is all his collection is about.Focus on inimitable signature style that fuses together both contemporary minimalism and classic heritage from his roots. The importance of crafted detailing is
rediscovered in this avant-garde collection,improving every season rather making rash changes. Nehru collar achkans, contemporary jackets, t-shirts, shorts, satin/silk trousers, graphic trousers( satin silk) been deeply influenced by fine detailing reminiscent of royalty and utmost luxury. Crisp cotton, lots of textured fabrics, a subtle muted colour card with a sharply constructed line consist everything in his designs. The palest of black, grey ,blue and purple along with white tones for jackets with one or two vents (closely cut to the body & teamed with skinny pants). The jacket opening variations from 1,2 & 3 buttons closure. Pleated silk jacket,a cobalt blue Tee teamed with shorts and a grey/white/black shaded jacket with slim trousers, sherwani's bandgala's with intrinsic embroidery giving that elegant look. Translucent sheet with glam & understated tone Look. Mmodern & classic for people who want to add glamour in their look without much over do’s.

Abshishek Gupta & Nandita Basu, Fightercock - "Elemts * Icons from Past Era's & The Poster Look"
A fusion of the formal with the informal.The ensembles will be a blend of western silhouettes with India inspired prints. Entire collection revolving around T- shirt prints-inspired by 60’s posters, along with formal jackets, shirts & jeans , animated films and vintage emblems. Showcasing stylistic elements found in the posters of the 1960’s, seamlessly combined with various vintage emblems that accentuates Indian icons and references. Rich plum, luxurious chocolate brown, a deep black, a special bottle green and Prussian blue highlights the colour story of the menswear collection. Textures and techniques like graphical prints, quilting, threadwork, appliqué work and embroidery. The marriage of diverse elements from past eras come together to present the Spring-Summer 2010 collection. Minimal and edgy.

Ashish N Soni - "The Classy Contemporary & Chic"
Ashish Soni as one of the finale designer with the duo Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna (CUE). Final Collection which is not over the top but will maintain to retain its elegant simplicity.Tight, short and smart look,The collection seeks to emphasize on pure monochromatic silhouettes, structured cuts, graphical prints which will add that chic look. Immaculate tailoring and attention to intricate detailing in his 35-40 ensenmbles (including western formals, both casual & formal eveningwear, emphasizing more on shirts, jackets and trousers.) being showcased. Shades like black, grey, charcoal and white on fabrics of cotton, with blended yarns that offers a modern feel to the garments and targets classy and contemporary men who fall in the age bracket of 30-35 years. Short jackets with thin and stylish lapels to add the classy appearance. Narrow and fitted trousers for SS’10 offering that structured look.

JJ Valaya - "Gloom to Joy - A Transition"
Designer JJ Valaya showcases a ready to wear and couture lines which will showcase the transition from gloom to joy, Clean, nomadic chic & uber cool royal look Collection that is wearable & makes complete fashion sense in a practical way.Expressed in chnage in colors as the collection evolves. His style ignores gimmicks & chooses instead to innovate on a quality that defines elegance - timelessness; a quality that conveys permanence in a world infatuated with the temporary. Different hues & fabrics like blacks and ivories. Linens, viscose, wools and Lycra which will blend together to bring on the best of garments. Silhottes defining the collection with lots of jackets, structured shirts, jodhpurs & slim pants and of course the Indian collection. Seam details, printing details, appliqué, embossed embroideries along with paisley motifs with a right mix of modern elements. The collection targets the high end stores & Domestic and international buyers.

Nikhil & Shantanu - The Macedonian King’
Collection ‘The Macedonian King’ illustrating the classical era of the world history which marks the emergence of the revered conqueror – Alexander The Great - & weaves the spiritual journey of world conquest. Power, rule, gentleness and placidity describes the collection the best & portraying the emotion that expresses the ruler’s supremacy, his gentle sensitivity & love for rich cultural influences.Draped structures - Hand draped silhouettes with a deep sense & need for utility, the collection presents this era in a strong mix of chenille yarns & threads turned into the luxurious range of fabrics presenting the mix of contemporary designs & vintage Indian sensibilities, targeting young & trendy men who are ready to experiment with their look.Colour palette in sync with the theme. while red accentuates his victories over the world that celebrates his power, the other garments presented in whites and off-whites will showcase the need of purity in his life after the blood-spattered conquests. On the other hand, to offer a touch of luxury & glory to their collection, designers have highlighted that era of extravaganza with a tint of gold that strongly defines his personality as a king and an emperor.

Rocky S - "A Traveller'a Spirit -& Spritual Belief"
An Effortlessly stylish SS 2010 collection by Rocky S screams attitude.Inspired from the traveller who is free spirited, easy going, calm in attitude and goes by his spiritual beliefs.Through these visits,he gets allured and motivated to imbibe the striking & vital elements of each place. The line created in an array of interesting fabrics including crushed voiles, mulmuls, linens, silks, emphasized with various kinds of knits, textured fabrics (treated with different chemicals & gone through crushing,industrial machine washing, heat & chemical treatments to offer that washed out and worn out effect. ), leather, brocades, jacquard blends, and other cotton blends.Accentuating the bohemian look,garments have been given an easy-going feel with a washed out, aged &distressed look. The colours are black, ivory, burnt orange, ochre, deep red and many such brighter shades.The look is relaxed with easy to wear and aged styled garments accentuated with printed scarves and textured bags.

Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna - "Hyper Nature"
A contemporary & chic style offering comfort & ease. Fabric detailing & prominence on sharp with well-defined cuts.A eeflection of eflect our changing relationship with nature & exploring our connection with the industrial environment in the form of masculine dresses with the theme called ‘Hyper nature’ “Nature today is not green. Today we live in a complex & uncontrollable world & the cities has become a nature of its own. The already fading boundaries between nature & culture have long disappeared & given birth to what is 'Hypernature'”.The collection enjoys an infusion of new age cuts & constructions. Bottoms in knit with dropped crotches,small collars with thin ties, overalls in canvas and denim suits represent the new silhouettes effortlessly blending from structured to relax. Modern & experimental with a twist, the collection through its various details like deconstruction, color blocking, textures & strong graphic prints reinforce the Hyper natured phenomena.Colour palette includes black, white and grey with sharp accents of forest green, apple red and mist blues, their models will don a Tall, lean, trendy &
confident look with loads of attitude.

Gaurav Gupta - "Retro Math checks/Objects & Objectivity"

While last year, his collection was inspired from human anatomy which was perfect for winter wear. The line of constructed shirts with a play of neon green piping and geometric detailing of pin tucks on a colour palette of white, pale pink and powder blue which is in contrast with what was showcased by him last season. This season…the designer has borrowed inspiration for his collection from Retro Math checks, used as all over, as prints for summer suits. The designer claims that the use of checks will bring about an eclectic edge to this Collection. From printed shirts and t-shirts to draped trousers. The collection had all that suits a spring-summer wardrobe. Draped trousers with metal zippers and paneled details appear both in exaggerated and simpler versions. 'Objects and objectivity’ is the theme highlighted in sharp prints on shirts and t-shirts that add a younger appeal to almost all formal street wear. With most of the garments crafted in cotton, jerseys and draping techniques, the collection which is summer lighter and playful.

Rajvi Mohan - 'Royals of Surf
Perhaps the only female designer in the first ever Van Heusen India Men’s Week who is going to showcase her collection individually,Her collection focuses extensively on lightweight and relaxed silhouettes to keep with her summer theme 'Presenting the Royals of Surf'. Forget a boring three-piece black suit! Enter cool and relaxed jackets and shirts that you can wear through the summer whether it is a wedding, a beach party or in a nightclub.Mixed fabrics, shocking block printing, imaginative buttons, interesting collars and necklines are what collection is all about. The colours are reflective of a faded summer dream of the sun kissed 'royals of surf' from their fantasy
filled land of relaxed and charming days and nights! As the theme is Inspired by 'Royal Summer', the favourite colours of the collection are navy blue and purple.

Vijay Arora - "Indo-China"

Vijay Arora's collection titled as Indo-China, from the design house of Vijay Arora.Highlighting the indo western cuts amalgamated with Indian sensibility, the menswear line will have a strong oriental influence. Offering a fresh and innovative look, the designer claims that it will be able to create a strong style statement.Silhouettes have been inspired by the east, and features mandarin collars, overlap buttons, cheongsam cuts, Mao jackets, martial art pants and brocade linings. To emphasize on the oriental influence, the designer has tried his hands in converting kurtas, bandhgalas and sherwanis in that structured frame. Shalwar-pants, loose wide pajamas along with Thai pants will be seen ruling the ramp and will be seen teamed up with the upper garments.Collection presents clean and streamlined silhouettes that will give a sophisticated look with lot on texturing and embellishments, which can be seen in unique forms of quilting, patchwork, embroidery, stitching details, buttoning, Shibori dyeing and other techniques which accentuates the look of the garment. In synchronization with the theme of the collection, this Collection borrows borders and motifs from Chinese art and craft. The colour story evocates the oriental style with hues of ebony, ivory, ecru, aubergine, olive, emerald, burgundy, rust, ocher, midnight and cobalt blue. The fabrics used are predominately fluid like spun silk, with satin, brocades and some cotton-silk. Collection is targeted to the contemporary urban man.

Siddharth Tytler - "Love & War"
His collection would show a fashion compilation inspired by the Second World War (1935-1945) and the years prior to it .The designer will present a dual collection fusing A rich contrasting projection of vibrant compositions, depicting the love and bonhomie prevalent across Europe, prior to World War II; representing the ‘Spring - Summer 010’ collection followed by the decidedly structured and more sombre feel that held steady through the years of the war that represents the ‘Autumn – Winter 2009’ collection.The ‘Spring – Summer20 10’, titled ‘Love’ draws its inspirations from the pre-war era of the early 20th Century which will be an enthusiastic and creative burst of floral prints, pastel colours and earth tones like olive and a touch of powder blues. The silhouettes are semi structured and special emphasis has been laid on the comfort of the wearer. The collection comprises of linens, cottons, jerseys used to create an array of summer jackets, structured pants, pyjamas, t-shirts & shirts. The line is highlighted by minimal embroidery and a touch of texturing. The ‘Autumn - Winter 2009’ collection, titled ‘War!’, follows with a hint of the darkness and gloom that prevailed in World War II, translated masterfully into a gorgeous melange of silhouettes in a colour palette that ranges from blacks, sombre greys, chocolates and a very small hint of the white. The line makes use of Irish and wool crepes, wool, silks, jersey, twill and houndstooth. The use of embroidery like in the S/S collection is minimal and accented with texturing. The line up comprises of fitted overcoats with faux fur trims, jackets, bomber jackets, structured woollen pants, zipper cargoes, combats, t-shirts and fitted shirts.Novel silhouettes, innovative structural elements, new fangled patterns, ‘wearability’ and originality are the essential elements.The collection is not restricted to any group, making it wearable at any age for any one who wants to look trendy.

Nitin Bal Chauhan - “Gothic Brief”
The new character inspired collection will be displayed by real people on the ramp representing society in various shades. Youth and its traits like energy, extremes and rebellion is what the latest menswear line is directed towards. nspired from the alternative subculture, including gothic design, the collection presents extreme cutting edge alternative style for the urbane crowd. A timeless yet modern collection, a stimulating and promising sign of strong direction for the new couture designers.It is a casual wear brand targeting young people who want to make a statement through what they wear. The look of the brand is inspired by "Goth" combined with influences of grunge, pop and rock n' roll. The wide color palette ranges from powder shades to bright youthful hues to dark gothic colors. Neon accents have been combined with greys, blacks and whites to contemporize the look. Music inspired prints in contrasting psychedelic colors combined with worn out washes, badges and chains help in rendering the "rockstar" element to the collection. Accessorized with bags, scarves, ties, wrist bands and cravats. The aim of the brand would be to make the wearer feel a part of a sub-culture that he identifies with. Collection is targeted at 13- to 25-year-old boys.

Manoviraj Khosla - ‘A Mid Summer Dream’
The collection titled ‘A mid summer dream’ where one is going to see fitted & short jackets with slim fitted trousers. Nehru and zipper jackets with white linen suits are going to be the highpoint of the collection. Predominantly linens, along with some knits and some blended fabrics have been used. As far as colors are concerned, they vary from white, to pastel shades of mint green, chambray blue, orange and lilac, to beiges, browns, grey and finally black with a display of Surface texturisation with pleating, rougeing, and tucks. Different types of screen & foil printing, kantha, couching, hand stitches, and batik have been used to bring the sophistication factor in each garment. The look is lean and narrow with models seen in clean look and gelled hair. The collection is meant for all those who want to look trendy.

Samant Chauhan - "Travellor/Sailor"
Line inspired by an adventure sailor. A traveler, who knows not of his destiny or direction but keeps on sailing.Designer follows his pattern of using raw Bhagalpur fabrics, handloom denims and tussar ( to give that sumer feel & look). Collection in shades of white and beige and comprising jackets, trousers and long shirts. The unique feature - jackets can be worn on both sides. Tone embroidery as embellishments. Subtlety is the focal point of this collection, Offering the chic look to the jackets, minimalistic kind of piping on the back of the jackets. Garments created based on the look and functional needs of 7th century travelers. Reinventing this vintage era for the 21st Century, Accessorizing with binoculars and satchels. Intended look - Justified.

Himmat Singh
His collection features an array of ethnic and traditional wear line starting from the extravagant sherwani, bandhgala suits, and jackets to coats, Italian cut pants, trousers, shirts and kurtas. The assortment of men’s wear range aims at showcasing the ethnic and spectacular presentation of glory and grace but with a blend of modern styling.Colour palette includes hues of dark blue, black and white will paint a story on fabrics like denim, corduroy, cotton, twills and synthetic blends. The designer has envisaged a royal look for the models, hence he will accessorize them with turbans, large belts, jutis and the famous royal sword.


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