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Kolkatta Fashion Week II - Day 4 - Designers

Souvik & Aditi
Time: 1:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

The Brand evolved under the creative supervision of Souvik and Aditi, the two young Fashion Designing graduates from NIFT Calcutta. Their journey began after their individual recognition in Indian fashion scenario, while Aditi bagged the winning award at the Smirnoff International Fashion Award in Oct. 2000. Souvik claimed the Award for "The Best Use of Traditional Skills in Contemporary Styling" at the NIFT graduating show in March 2001. The duo launched their brand of High Fashion Women's Wear in the month of Aug. 2002. Since then there has been no looking back, as the brand received immediate recognition from the Premium retail stores all over India. They have been successfully retailing through Kimaya, Ogaan, Elahe & Oorja, Ffolio & Kilol, and Espee ever since. Baroque's forte lies in its capacity to deliver innovative patterning and finishing, together with exquisite fabric texturising through unconventional embroidery techniques. This uniqueness has set them apart from the rest.


Keeping to the theme of ‘EARTH COUTURE’ for KFW II, they are showcasing a collection purely earthy in nature from fabric to color palette. The collection comprises of saris ghagras, patialas and dresses in fabrics like georgettes chiffons hand embroidered dupions and cottons.

Tejas Gandhi

Time: 1:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

An innovator, an artist, the Tejas. A Fashion and Textile designing graduate from The Bhawanipur Education Society College has been in the business for about a decade now. Having worked as a costume designer for several years during which he designed for personalities like Naserruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, Kitu Gidwani, Mita Vashishth, Akash Khurana, Raghuveer Yadav, Aamir Bashir, Pankaj Kapur, & Anjan Dutta, he has started his own Premier Fashion Label "TEJAS GANDHI".

His garments have a very Westernized look with an Indian feel. His designs always portray the individuality of the Modern Independent Indian. He has also started my new Premier Men’s wear line of 2 styles "Brunch wear and Loungewear". He has also designed an on-demand line for LOREAL Professionals. He has designed garments for "Indian Rayon" & "Linen Club" for their new collection and has been a Fashion Stylist for different advertisements M P Jewelers Senco Jewelers, B C Sen Jewelers, P C Chandra Jewelers, La Opala, Simoco Mobile Phones, Indian Jewelers, FI Fashions etc. He has been featured in last edition of Bangalore Fashion Week where he earned rave reviews. Working with the theme of Amphitrite - A Greek mythological character, he created his Autumn-Winter collection. She was the sea-goddess and one of the Nereid's. Married to Poseidon, (the Greek god of sea, earthquake and horses), and mother of Triton. She played the role of jealous and angry wife because of Poseidon's many affairs. She was very shy, graceful, romantic and clam in the beginning and then simply metamorphosed into the reverse.


With ‘Earth Couture’ being the theme for this KFW, his collection is about the combination of different feelings and the strong complex characters of a person---which we see in ourselves. The look of the collection is very structured, rough, uneven soft drapes in smooth feel with hint of shimmer-n-shine in them and a unique play of texture as main. A rich collection of colours and shade lend the style the veneer and polish it demands. The fabric that have been used in this collection are cotton, jute, organza, linen, chanderi, kota, matka, georgette. This collection is been combined with embroidery and a texture which is Meshwork and it also has lot of earthy colours mixed with lot of pastel colours to show the hard and soft side of our character. There will be 5 male ensembles and 15 female ensembles. Ready-to-wear saris, tunics, skirts, tops, shirts, trousers, summer jackets, dresses etc created with the earthy touch and modern feel to match the need of the hour.

Mandira Virk

Time: 3:00 pm at MSA / (Pala)

Mandira Virk is a designer wear label that has evolved over the last eight years as a brand which has been groomed with an exquisite sense of luxury & modernism, symbolic of subtlety, femininity and romanticism. The brand has variety that expresses a consistency in its sensuous cuts, elegant detailing and impeccable quality. The face behind the label, Mandira Virk is a fashion professional whose inherent creativity was groomed in the most prominent fashion schools in New Delhi and London. Her evolution is attested with her brand footprint in cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

After the Chivas show, the Delhi-based designer is back in Calcutta with a classic-modern Indian line. The colours and fabrics are classic too — beige and ivory on jacquards and cotton silks.

Debarun Mukherjee
Time: 4:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Debarun’s Kolkata Fashion Week fusion collection is Fathom – Deep Inside You. Traditional yards meet Western silhouettes in this line.

Satya Paul

Time: 6:00 pm at MSA / (Pala)

The iconic Satya Paul brand is globally known for its signature prints, ingenuity of design and a vivid colour palette. It is among the very few distinct labels which have not just pioneered a category but have become the identity that defines an entire class. Puneet Nanda is the Design Head of ‘Satya Paul’ and has imbibed his creativity and design capabilities from his father, the famous artist, Satya Paul. Puneet is primarily a self-taught artist, whose understanding spans multiple disciplines, from art to design to music. He began his career in 1982 and has been involved in a gamut of activities spanning photography, graphic design, textiles, finished garments to choreographing international fashion shows. Puneet’s collections are a reflection of the artist and art curator within him. Each sari is a 6-yard canvas for Puneet where she paints and designs all that influences and inspires him.

Collection is very much of "bridal nature". Lehengas and weaves — south Indian, Benarasi and Maheshwari — are the highlights of the collection.

Jaya Misra

Time: 7:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

JAYA MISRA, the brand, is an ambassador of free woman in India. Jaya Misra calls attention to different aspects of womanhood, and strikes stability between the everyday roles played by women, and the real woman inside them. All JM is about, is the perfect balance, which according to her is the complete and actual definition of womanhood. Her aim is to fulfill every woman with that free spirit, and her benevolence intends to do that by following the age old ritual, the gift one woman transfers to the other, the gift of style, the gift of beauty, the gift of elegance. The gift than remain precious between women only. Fondly said "only one woman can understand another"…..
Celebrating womanhood, JM brings out a bohemian fun through her designs for Indian women and she successfully carves a forte for them in a world dominated by trends. Women are beautiful, they are like Roses and they should always come up smelling like a rose, she reflects this attitude of hers towards life directly through her designs involving and inspiring people around her and all over. The JAYA MISRA label, thus, on one hand is inspired by the traditional motifs and colors while, on the other hand, is unique enough to give every woman her personal style statement. An ode to women, JM through her designs gives a glimpse into an uncharted genre. JM preaches the truth which women sometimes fails to realize that - "it’s a woman’s world".

Prosaic Regality - An Undefined Royalty; Anti - Inspired from the Marie Antoinette "Let them eat Cake" story, this collection is an effort to light up all the negative elements and over shadow it with a positive message. So are we all eating the cake?. Each and every master piece that is etched here has combined efforts of all the karigars, tailors, masters, etc who toil for weeks, to create the work of genius. This collection is to give them their due respect, because without their hard work the collections we present would just come to naught. And return to our roots mean this to us, is to pay homage to our artisans.Centuries back when there was no designing and it was just these craftsmen who created these beautiful pieces, I pay my respect to that ability, that forward mindedness, that imagination and present this seasons collection. To represent the Midas hands of our artisans we keep this collection very regale, using colors like black, off-white, gold, red, and teal. Use of fabrics such as satin, raw silk, chiffon, silk, lycra etc. The silhouettes that are used here are off shoulder draped dresses, circular dresses, tight fitted dresses, ballooning gowns, cigarette pants and trousers and harems, British jackets, and stockings etc. The embroider work involves Pure Zardozi with moti and Swarovski highlights.

Prayrana n’ Kritika

Time: 7:30 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Prayrana n’ Kritika collectively bring exclusive expertise and experience, apart from strong academic background. Alumni of NIFT Kolkata, Prayrana and Kritika synergize to create contemporary and innovative designs and patterns for the fashion-conscious class. As Prayarana has designing experience she takes care of the designing, while Kritika who has retail experience takes care of expansion (marketing, promotion and business).


The designer-duo from Delhi is showing womenswear dominated by georgette lehengas and dresses that are nature-inspired. The colour palette includes blacks, whites, greys, reds and blues.

Kiran Uttam Ghosh

Time: 9:00 pm at MSA / (Pala)

Kiran Uttam Ghosh is a designer, who has defined characterization. Her clothes are understated, with silhouettes and characteristic textures that refuse to be bracketed by terms such as Eastern or Western. Her time spent with British designer Jasper Conran imbibed in her the attention to detail that she is now renowned for. Her label Kiran Uttam Ghosh, goes beyond just a pragmatic prêt, while her couture lime embodies a timeless classic appeal whether it is the sari that she has given new dimensions to or her appeal. Kiran’s appeal very much like her work transcends borders and as a result her label has a presence in 8 countries.


It is a retrospective of fifteen years of her work. it begins with Spring 2010, which she fondly addresses as ‘flapper girl goes to the Orient’. It is a pared down, sensual, glamorous take on the 1920 flapper; fabric are chiffon and georgette and silk jersey. Kiran has used wraps, as the influence of the orient, to add that unique touch. The colour palette is varied. From bright spring hues like corals, lavender, acid lime blood red to muted taupe, jade, washed indigos, ivory and black. The collection is also showcasing few pieces of her previous collections, including prêt, couture and bridal, along with her first label Kimono, and of course, KUG.

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