Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kolkatta Fashion Week II, Day 2 - Designers

Kallol Dutta - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 3pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Designer from the early days at NIFT, Kallol Datta asserted his stamp of individuality in every element of his design process and learning. After his graduation from NIFT in 2004, where he did not win any awards, Dutta wanted to evaluate himself on a global level, where the competition would be more intense, and the exposure would be tremendous. At Central Saint Martin’s, London, he honed his skill of interpreting shapes – which he realized to be his biggest strength – and soaked in the multicultural design influences owing to the multi – ethnic student community. Kallol Datta 1955 was launched in October ’08.


Kallol, the edgiest designer of Kolkata, has tweaked his aesthetics to suit the city. For a viewer friendly collection, he has revisited previous collections and recycled his favourite patterns and prints. There is a ramp return for his first ever croqui print to the latest dress-form print.

Kaushik & Pallob - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 4:30 pm at MSA / (Pala)


The pair is putting forward their heavily embroidered bridalwear, salwar suits and tunics. Natural fabrics in green and rust are what they have used. Add some kantha and accessories in the form of brocade bags.

Abhishek Byas - KFW II, Day 2
Time: 4:30 pm at MSA / (Pala)

The knack of interpreting the independent thinking and the sensible observation into aesthetical and practical piece of work comprises the idea of label "Abhishek Byas". Completing study of fashion design from NIFT Kolkata in year 2003, the journey moved on with bringing the label "Abhishek Byas" in year 2007 and debut collection at LIFW in 2008 titled "Addicted Profession". This collection was a contemplation of his style. It took another eight months in building brand recognition and promotion planning to facilitate production in full swing. Creative muse of the label has always been to facilitate a sensible outcome of believe in aesthetic and the skin deep beauty enchanted by the thrill of diversification scattered all around.


"The beginning is what needs an end, but end is something we never desire."
Collection (NATYOSALA) is mimic to visible world, which captures a wide repertoire of impressions, and keep walking so not to be lost. Thousand miles crossed thousands ahead. Hold from being shattered, to keep on an unending journey. Always want an end but at the same time this is what that keeps us alive.

Bibi Rusell - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 6 pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

When it comes to the world of fashion, few can boast of more expertise than Bibi Russel. A designer and former international model from Bangladesh , she has worked for some of the best labels in the world, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Giorgio Armani. She is a designer who has truly experience the entire spectrum of the industry, having been the face of, as well as the brains behind many collections. In 1994, she began her own label, Bibi productions, fusing indigenous Bengali elements into her line. What was even more amazing about this move was that Bibi Productions now employs more than 35000 weavers in rural Bangladesh. Her laurels also stretch beyond the world of fashion, with Asiaweek magazine highlighting her as ‘one of the 20 people to watch in the new millennium’.


The Bangladeshi designer who had kickstarted KFW Season One has come back again with Magical Threads. The collection is made up of Saris, tie-and-dye and Rickshaw Art.

Amita Chittora - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 7:30 pm at MSA / (Pala)

A strong passion for designing led Amita to graduate from NIFD School of Fashion - Mumbai, affiliated to the Annamalai University- Chennai in 2006. Her inclination towards all things creative and a keen interest towards fashion and styling made Amita take it up as a profession. The journey through these 3 years have even helped her procure an insight into the Bollywood industry under her mentors Pooja and Theia (Dress Circle), working as an assistant designer on movies; EMI, Love Story 2050, Singh is King, Jai Veeru, Kissan, Kajrare and TV Commercials; Tata Sky, Bose Sound System, Chevrolet, Acer Laptop, Polo mint, Tropicana Juice, Oyo Kids Fashion wear, Ambipure car perfume, Fanta and also Styling for Pantaloons New Collection 2008 and lots more, has broadened her vision on being unique and exploring her creative side. The year 2008 marked a new beginning in Amita’s career as she finally achieved her long term goal of launching her own label, "Amita C", the sole representative of what she stands for as a Fashion Designer. Her work has been appreciated positively and she has been able to spread her ways to Pune, Mumbai & Kolkata.


For Amita fashion is all about altering yourself differently and being comfortable with yourself and enjoy what you are wearing. All the collection that she has perjured till date is very unique, dazzling, blendy, kerby and lainy. All of her collections have touched nature and they have a sile touch that makes them shelle. Her collection though being so neologism has a very humble and feminine appeal and this is what makes them special. Amita personally loves colours, nature and love to dress herself uniquely and differently. So in a way her collection caters to her own personality. She believes in broadcasting fashion in a way that it broadens the perspective of fashion. And that’s why in the upcoming KFW 2009, she is presenting her new collection OBELE’ which she has designed keeping in mind the beautiful colours of summer and spring.

Indira Baikerikar - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 7:30 pm at MSA / (Pala)

Having born and spend her formative years in Assam, designer Indira Ghosh Baikerikar, has woven and blended the colours of the natural abundance. For Indira dressing up her clients is not occasional but a daily celebration.
Her collection has a strong influence of the European market because of her clients she caters to.


The ensemble is a reminder of pristine river banks of Brahmaputra, each piece being simple and elegant and very stylish.The fabrics are all naturally woven and hand crafted from the artisans of Shantinikatan, and hand painted by herself too. The embellishments are very delicate and hand crafted from the village folk of west Bengal.
Lets come and celebrate the spring summer collection by Vedaant body drapes and enter into the world of style, chic, and sophistication by Indira Ghosh Baikerikar in the Kolkata Fashion Week – Season II.

Dev r Nil - KFW II, Day 2

Time: 9pm at MSA // (Sundarbans)

Known to play with beautiful textiles, subtle surface texturing and classic cuts, this duo comprises the original Boys of Bengal, carrying Indian fashion forward. Famously and boldly defying the norms of fashion in India, they are recognizable for having an acute eye for detail and an unusual color palette and cut. They like to call this technique ‘The wardrobe from the East’.


The designer duo is showing Frozen, a look that is "festive yet has a relaxed, resort feel". It is not exactly bridal but veers towards a trousseau collection. Drapery, the flavour of the season, will dominate their line. Their colours include jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green and some shades of gold and pearl. There is a lot of tone-on-tone textures that are almost floating on soft silk net, cotton and georgette.


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