Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AFTERMATH by Sidharta Aryan

“Borne out of love lost lament and candid fear for the uncertain AFTERMATH W/F 2013 is a collection that resonates life and the patterns of a jaded mind. Torn apart between conventions and following one’s dreams, the collection is inspired by this duality. It seeks imagery from Geode inspired elemental – Geometry.”

The dichotomy of cultures that is now the truth of our urban existence controls the outcome of this collection paving the way for a sport-deluxe line that can effortlessly make the transition from work wear to evening wear form 'The Look'.

Taking hints from science and technology, the digital print captures order and symmetry coexisting with chaos and fear. Sci-fi geometric stone-embellishments and faux leather quilting, way-ward hemlines, cut-out necklines, sheer body blocking, trompe l’oeil effects, and other such details make up for this sports-lux collection - all put together as the Key Detailings.

Sports mesh, Luxury nylon jersey all trickling down from street sport style are used as bases for digital printing. With emphasis on luxury and comfort I have continued to use silks, velvets, satins, georgette, and chiffon etc. “A jaded heart in an urban jungle” describes the colour palette for the season with shades of grey, black & white and accents of neon green.

‘Sidharta Aryan’ the label was launched at LFW ‘Gen Next’ - Winter/Festive 2010.
Through his work, Designer strives to break the conformist ways in which the Indian woman is globally perceived today. Woman who is fearless and definitely a Fashion Leader. Creating clothes that are objects of art, and hope that they find a home where they will be treated like they would be in a museum.

Label is at a threshold of carving a niche for itself in the industry, which is slowly but surely opening up to embracing creative and out-of-the box design. With a visionary approach I take inspiration from the stalwarts of the design community who continue to inspire me daily to create a timeless collection! - Nurturing me to reach my goals and dreams.

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