Friday, August 23, 2013

KRUHUN by Shantanu Goenka

KRUHUN meaning black in Kashmiri casts an enchanting spell on the collection
Dipped in gold and black every ensemble is a story on its own with a unique individuality and personality

The collection brings out the best from my embroidery archives . Impeccable sequinned sheeting ,age old extremely fine and delicate zardozi and eye twitching kashmiri tilli holds the collection together.

Apart from these ,laser cut appliqué ,textured brocades ,velvets and sequinned cut work gives a  different dimension to the collection.

An eclectic mix of men's and women's wear the collection draws inspiration from old india, Persia and middle eastern influences.

Flowy anarkalis , asymmetrical jackets , Farshi pyjamas  and beautifully embroidered sarees dominate the women's wear silhouettes whereas the menswear mainly consist of transparent chogas worn over fluid pyjamas, jodhpuris, waistcoats etc. interesting printed swimwear worn under embroidered transparent folwy kaftans adds the diva essence to the look.

Animal skin and lotuses are combined together in prints whereas falcons ,parrots and peacocks motifs gives an interesting character to the embroideries.

Heena bodysuits underlayered with every ensemble is the perfect accent bringing out the strong Indian and middle eastern culture. Edgy hair accessories like flying parrots , udan khatola hair pins and celestial bun studs adds another story .....

Velvet footwear for both men and women again in black and gold encrusted with fine gold zardozi complements the look and the elephant heels takes the footwear to the next level. Jingling anklets , jewellery straps, buckles, broaches and armband attachments provide the perfect accessorization to the ensembles .

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