Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fashion meets Music - Aarti Vijay Gupta

Presenting an inseparable amalgamation of Music and Fashion – ‘I love music’. Aarti’s collection has been inspired by the four families of symphony orchestra: String , Woodwind, Brass & Percussion. 

Revealing her keen sense of innovation fused with her contemporary expression which sets her apart. Her design philosophy is simple, interweaved with artistic strokes on a structured canvas. 

Talking about her collection, Designer says, “I take inspiration from the things around me that I love. I am passionate about both music and fashion. It was a natural progression of the combining power of the two to create something very unique and extraordinary.”

Fashion and music have always intermingled to create history & played their part in giving birth to iconic styles. Fashion has always followed music and music has always followed fashion. With her latest collection, Aarti presents a tribute to music with the élan of fashion. Taking inspiration from music & the symphony orchestra, Aarti has experiments with musical notes and instruments like trumpets, saxophones, violin, bass drum in form of prints on structured silhouettes. Set in printed overlap jumpsuits, bolero jackets, trench coats, short sheath dresses, she has highlighted the association of music on a style blueprint. 

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