Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's DRESS UP' by Troy Costa


TROY COSTA, revives the Charm of the 1930’s through a collection that’s luxurious, elevating the casual with expert tailoring in iconic British influenced fabrics.

Inspiration for one half of the collection stems from a Mark Gertler painting titled the ‘Merry Go Round ‘, which refer to the colors in contemporary menswear fashion.

The collection is beyond classification and acquires personality & character thanks to the marriage of tailored shaping & discreetly using technology to inject modern verve through special ideas such as waterproof thread, alternation & color intarsia.

The overall silhouette is relaxed and boasts of tailored separates, perfect for the modern mans wardrobe .

On the other end of the spectrum, drawing influences from the league of Gentlemen of the 30’s & 40’s; Beautifully constructed suits are presented, they are figure enhancing & very sensual , thus  respectfully offering  a return to the reinvention of classic menswear & the lifestyle which accompanies it .

A sartorial elegance is interpreted in the single and double breasted slim fit  jackets  and classy retro suits .

It appears as though heritage has been picked up and dusted, refined & brought up to date.

There is a definite element of GATSBY- ESQUE tailoring combined with skinny Trousers & Ties to turn heads & melt hearts

 Accessories pay homage to urban functionality; city or utility bags ,folders , ultra light clutches ,multi-use scarves ,  document holders in glossy hues , Brogues , spectators, tuxedo slippers , tasseled , toggled moccasins & brogue'd wedges complete the collection that is staked on comfort without abandoning the dictates of elegance …Focus is on the SAUNTER which involves dressing in your finest clothes & indulging in extended relaxed walks.

Bohemian? hippy? sartorial?dandy ? regardless of what you wish to call a man who wears bold, flower prints for Spring Summer 2014 , there’s is only one way to call him… ‘FASHIONABLE ‘.

 The TROY COSTA man is one who likes to behave with good manners & dress well , strong yet sensitive , classic but not too formal , he’s a man who wishes to be classless & stylish but with substance .

After all ,


The Menswear colors for spring emphasize the need for balance with soothing neutrals , accented by an array of energizing lights.

MONACO BLUE naturally lends an air of masculinity, providing stability and depth, LINEN with its off white complexion is a flattering hue & pairs well with other many colors .Dynamic & exciting POPPY RED plays a vital role in men’s fashion trends for Spring Summer.Vibrant ORANGE , an animated striking hue provides vigor & enthusiasm .YELLOW offers an earthy Dijon like flavor that ,when combined with Monaco blue credits a sophisticated update to a familiar combination .

More Info*

Mark Gertler, Merry-go-round (1916)
Considered by many art critics as the most important British painting of the war, Merry-Go-round, shows a group of military and civilian figures caught on the vicious circle of the roundabout.
What do you normally think of when you think about going to a fair or carnival? Fun? Excitement? Fear, maybe? Gertler imagined this carousel as a scary place to be. The people look very stiff, they might be screaming and there doesn’t look like a way to get off the ride. They might be stuck on there. Forever.

Gertler painted this picture during the First World War and may have been influenced by a fair for injured soliders that took place in large park near his home in London.

Are there any rides you are scared of at the fair? What is your favourite ride? If you could create a scary ride, what would be on it, and what would happen if someone rode it?

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